The New Openbravo Product Tour is Here!

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The Openbravo Product Tour is a nice tool that allows people to get a first impression of our products through a guided and interactive tour. Since its launch it has become one of the most used evaluation tools.

Today we are happy to announce the availability of a new version of the Openbravo Product Tour. A fully revamped design and content that will make it even easier for people to know about our value proposition. More visual and user-friendly navigation and interactions, together with a better explanation of each step and additional related data that helps to better understand the value our products provide.

With this new approach in mind, we start with a first scenario consisting of a tour through the Openbravo Web POS, including features like opening and closing till, customer management, assisted sale, inventory visibility, discounts or cash up among others, that help retailers to provide an enhanced in-store customer experience, a must in today’s omnichannel retail.

“The Product Tour has been a great experience. Now I have a better understanding of the value Openbravo can provide our business with. I requested a real demo right after finishing the tour.” VP Stores in a Specialty Retailer.

Since your feedback is very important to us, we have also added a final survey that will help us to evaluate its quality and introduce future enhancements.

Visit our New Openbravo Product Tour, and if you like it, please don’t forget to comment and share it!