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The New Openbravo Commerce Platform Trainings

openbravo commerce platform trainingsThe Openbravo Commerce Platform has been receiving lots of attention from our development and marketing team and the training team has been working hard to keep up as well.

As the new value proposition and many new features roll in it is extremely important that our partners are familiar with those and that the developers are ready to implement and customize this powerful solution. Completing the two new Commerce Functional and Technical courses will allow the partner’s team to successfully estimate and deliver complex retail projects.

Functional Training Update

The functional training has been around for a while, covering the retail specific functionality included in the Openbravo Commerce Platform distribution. This course is targeted at existing Openbravo Certified Solution Consultants already familiar with the core business processes of the Openbravo ERP Platform.

The Openbravo Commerce Platform has  received this year many updates to the platform as well as the functionality. However, we would like to highlight a few of them which are now also included in the functional training update:

  1. Broader daily store operations support with a new functionality to open/close stores, and manage terminals that extend our current cash-up functionality (Session management module)

  2. Enhanced security and operational control through a new set of approvals for different actions that help increase the quality of operations and minimize fraudulent activities

  3. Higher merchandise agility with advanced discounts like combos or best deal cases and discounts at a ticket level that extend our powerful promotions engine

  4. Higher solution performance with enhanced offline support that improves usability in poor connectivity scenarios with offline support to cash-up, cash-management and supervisor approvals

  5. Faster implementation and higher business agility with new tools for easy creation of new terminals and stores and a POS training tool that makes it easier to deploy the system to end users

As the content of this course has expanded we also felt it deserved a new format with more interaction and more support to the student:

  • more exercises

  • checkpoints graded by an Openbravo instructor to let the students know how they are doing

  • 2nd level support in case the student gets stuck or has doubts

Check out the Course Guide for more details and enroll your team members working with the retail industry! The course is enrollable to everyone, partners should enroll through the partner portal and third parties through the webpage.

The New Technical Training

Implementing the retail backoffice and the frontend WebPOS is no walk in the park given the many variables and specifics of the individual retailers. Mastering the Openbravo Commerce Platform and its modular customization capabilities is a must for any implementation and development team which was our guideline in designing this new course.

This new Commerce Platform Technical Training is a self-study course targeted at Openbravo Certified Developers that:

  • are already experts in Openbravo ERP Platform development, AND

  • have a strong background in Java and Javascript

Here are a few highlights of the course:

  • It is a self-study ondemand course that can be enrolled into at any time through the Partner Portal or the webpage for third parties.

  • Roughly 30 hours of student’s time is required to complete it within the 30-day access period given.

  • To provide a strong learning experience the course includes exercises, checkpoints and 2nd level support (an instructor that grades the checkpoints and resolves doubts and questions)

  • Resources are available in English only

The topics covered by the course are as follows:

  • Setting up the Eclipse development environment

  • New buttons and dialogs to display custom information

  • New payment types and payment gateways

  • Adding business logic through hooks

  • Implementing custom discount types

  • The hardware manager

We look forward to seeing your team members in the courses and providing customers with the excellent service around the Openbravo Commerce Platform. Do not hesitate to contact us at training@openbravo.com with any doubts or questions.

Rok Lenardic, Openbravo Education Manager

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