The Importance of Setting Objectives within an Organization

Have you ever come across a company with no specific objectives? Nowadays, it is almost impossible to conceive that a company or even a non-profit organization would have no clear goals to achieve during a specific period of time. Objectives enable organizations to progress towards a better position that will be fully aligned with their vision and mission. Several management methodologies, such as Kaplan & Norton balanced scorecards, are based on defining specific objectives that are completely in line with the organization’s strategy. These objectives are then usually broken into many other goals for each business unit and even each department and employee. The overall idea is to align the whole organization towards a common strategy and goal.

Knowing the importance of objectives for any organization, Openbravo has designed the Workspace, a panel in which each user can have in a single screen all the key information needed to accomplish their personal objectives. Openbravo Workspace is compounded of a collection of widgets that can include data from Openbravo itself or from any other external system. Widgets can show data in a table, with a form of a chart or can also show any other web based content such as documents, calendars, twits, news, articles, pictures, videos, etc. Widgets are very easy to create and their possibilities are endless. Openbravo Workspace is the first screen that every user sees when accessing Openbravo and it is automatically refreshed with updated data.

Openbravo Workspace helps users to get used to working for objectives and, even more importantly, actually enables companies to reach their objectives. Some Openbravo customers go even further and let third parties (suppliers, customers or other business partners) use the Openbravo Workspace to share information with them that helps in building a stronger and more effective relationship. This is the case of customers, suppliers, employees or members/partners portals.

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