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The Drivers of the Openbravo Retail First Strategy

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Openbravo is globally well-known for its open source ERP system. We have been able to move relatively fast into this crowded arena thanks to some of the characteristics of the Openbravo technology platform: the modularity and metadata-driven development of our native cloud systems enable us to  add new functionalities while maintaining robust software and a consistent user interface and experience. The nature of open source software has, in parallel, given our global partners the power to add localization modules or industry-specific functionalities. So, where other companies took decades to present complete and global ERP functionalities, Openbravo walked that road faster, much faster. This was an eye-opener…

Any ERP software in today’s market offers the functionality to manage traditional business dynamics. Traditional business models convert raw material into a finished product and sell them, or purchase them in large quantities and distribute them through their networks. We owe many of our global clients to these business models, like Johnson Controls, SAIC, Esmech and many others. The functionalities that these businesses need are stable and widely available in different flavors. However, a few years ago it became clear that the Openbravo solutions were extremely well-positioned for business environments with a much higher level of dynamics and more uncertainties, for businesses that required agility from the software that manages their processes. The eye-opener that I mentioned before confirmed that to us. And the most dynamic business model that currently exists is retail. But, why is retail such a dynamic business environment?

The answer to this question lies in the conjuncture of a handful of unstoppable forces in our society, named by Gartner as the Nexus of Forces.  What is important here is that these are individual forces and each of them is a result of certain needs in our society. Still, the processes of change that these four forces together trigger, enable and accelerate are enormous and are provoking an ever expanding ripple effect on our economies and more specifically, in the world of retail. The beauty is that we don’t know yet how exactly they will play out 2 years from now, or in 5 or in 10 years. The fact is that this is evolving, leaves us today with many uncertainties about the future in retail. What everybody does know however, is that the dissemination of modern IT is a  precondition for dynamic economic growth and future viability. And all should agree that a future-ready, flexible and modular IT system is a crucial component to meet these preconditions. The Openbravo Commerce Suite, with the state-of-the-art POS system, our WebPOS, complies with these preconditions. It is a natural extension of the Openbravo Business Suite that, further to the broad business functionality, offers many specific retail functionalities. And with that, we can say that today the Openbravo Commerce suite is the preferred solution in this hyper dynamic environment of retail.

But being the preferred solution is not enough for Openbravo. It is our aim that the Openbravo Commerce Suite is to be recognized as the front-runner for mid-size and large retailers. From an in-store solution for one or multiple sites, up to a full end-to-end multi-channel and multi-site retail business solution, in a single product and architecture. So we have designed our strategic product roadmap according to our Retail First strategy­­­­. This strategic roadmap will be presented on June 30th in various sessions and will include features like:

  • Truly out-of-the-box Cross Channel functionalities
  • Certified integrations with T1 corporate systems
  • End-user transparent full offline operating capabilities

Do you want to know more about it? And learn why leading global retailers such as Decathlon, La Europea, BUT, Homes-UP have chosen the Openbravo Commerce suite?

Please join us at these webinars:

1st session, in English      June 30th, @ 11:30 CET

2nd session, in Spanish     June 30th, @ 16:30 CET

3rd session, in English      June 30th, @ 18:00 CET