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Store Retailers Add Value with Mobile-optimized Sites

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Despite physical stores seeing a decline in foot traffic over the last few years, the physical store still operates from a position of strength. Depending on the product category, many consumers still prefer physical interaction with a product while they research, compare, and finally buy it.

But the m-commerce boom means that retail stores cannot overlook the importance of a good mobile-optimized web presence as well.

PwC’s Total Retail Survey states that in 2012, one third of consumers had made a mobile purchase over the last year — and by 2015 this number had more than doubled.

So, many retailers are increasingly focused on creating an integrated mobile/in-store experience that can improve conversion on the store visits they are getting.

Mobile Functionality Improves In-store Experience

Mobile buyers expect more from mobile sites and apps, and competition is heating up, so retailers are finding new ways to meet customers’ needs.  A clean design and a clear, intuitive interface that loads quickly and is easy to use across all devices and browsers can provide a more efficient shopping experience.

Several leading retailers have prioritized implementing mobile tools like shopping wish lists, loyalty rewards, and user-oriented promotions to encourage them to buy more at a store location.

Stores that implement mobile checkout apps can process in-store purchases without having to wait in long lines. Shop assistants can help customers choose a product and check if items are in stock or available in another location, all without leaving the customer’s side.

Securing Mobile Purchases is Key

All online shopping should be secure, but particularly in the case of mobile shopping , where there are additional concerns about buyers’ mobile payment information being compromised over 4G and public Wi-Fi networks. However, PwC’s Total Retail Survey shows that every year, shoppers are steadily getting more confident with making payments over their mobile phone.

Retailers looking for cost-effective ways to meet these needs might consider buying a modern commerce suite. With a comprehensive solution like Openbravo, retailers will be able to provide full, secure mobile integration for their storefront.

The Perks of Loyalty

The potential benefits of embracing m-commerce are considerable. Retailers are more likely to attract a broader audience and earn customer loyalty if they offer a secure, streamlined mobile interface with features that customers will seek out. Customers are more likely to return if they engage with a clear, intuitive platform which provides them functionality, ease of use and security.

If stores can meet these needs, they are more likely to earn their customer´s loyalty for future purchases, in-store or online.

To find out more about how mobile and other digital channels can be successfully integrated with physical stores sign up for the Openbravo webinar Building a Successful Omnichannel Strategy for Physical Stores.

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