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Sports Retailer Depique Strengthens Omnichannel Capabilities with Openbravo

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Sports retailing is a fast-moving sector and so retailers that want to stay ahead of the competition need a solution that can handle diverse inventory, large assortments and frequent season changes, which are inherent to this sector.

Depique, a Spanish golfing specialty retailer, offers over 40,000 products and it was looking for a solution to manage multiple warehouses and stores as well as its online channel. The company chose Openbravo Commerce Suite  to integrate and manage all of its processes, from supplier to sales, via the POS or the Back Office.

“Openbravo integrates nearly all the processes we use here at Depique, which can be accessed via the POS or the Back Office,” explains Carlos Foulquié, CEO of Depique.

Specialty retailers like Depique have traditionally drawn in their public with specialized expertise and products which may not be available in all stores.   But with stiff price competition and the growth of internet sales, specialty retailers cannot rely on assortment alone to differentiate themselves from competition.

In addition, many retailers and manufacturers still struggle with the optimization of their inventory and operations to accommodate omnichannel retailing, which slows down their delivery times, adds extra costs, and ultimately results in a loss of sales and valuable repeat business.

inventory management is key to omnichannel

Strong inventory capabilities and real-time inventory visibility provide the building blocks to support the implementation of  successful omnichannel retailing, as Depique has discovered.

“In the back office, we manage the business as a whole, from accounting to order management, product management, logistics, and warehouse movements. The tool is very complete and we use it for everything,” he adds.

Investing in a strong omnichannel strategy and a unified technology platform makes it possible for specialty sports retailers to optimize their inventory and omnichannel operations. It also allows them to capitalize on additional purchase points and create an in-store experience that continues to draw customers into their store.

“The features we liked most were:  Openbravo’s web-based environment, which allows us to sell from the mobile phone itself in real time; the ability to adapt the software to requirements specific to our sector; and the scalability of the software which will allow us to grow,” says Foulquié

Looking to the future, Depique plans to expand the business and  complete  the digitalization of the company. “Openbravo’s retail management solution is a great tool for addressing both of these challenges, and this is why we recommend Openbravo for any type of retailer who wants to innovate and grow,” says Foulquié.

To read more about their store solution, please visit the Depique Customer Story. To find out more about our solutions for sporting goods retailers, you can watch our webinar entitled, Introduction to the Openbravo Commerce Suite Solution for Sporting Goods Retailers, or download the sporting goods retail data sheet.