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Showrooming vs Webrooming: Present and Future of Retail Shopping – Infographic

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Shopping habits are changing, so we need to have an idea of what a modern shopper is and some of their behaviour in-store. Regarding to it, there are some buzzwords that you may have heard about; “Showrooming” and “Webrooming.” Buzzwords can be tough to keep up with. Especially if you’re in retail and can’t spend hours figuring out what each word means, how it affects your business, and what you can do about it.
To put it simple:
  • Showrooming is when you’re standing in a store, and you pull out your smartphone to see if you can get a better price online.
  • On the contrary, Weebrooming is when you’re searching online, check what item you like and go to the store to pick it up.
Instead of focusing on buzzwords like those, retailers need to take a hard look at their retail and marketing and see what they can do to create a cohesive, consistent customer experience across channels.
With that being said, we have prepared an infographic that could come in handy to those straggling with the new shopping habits of customers in retail: