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September 2016 Retail Trade Show Tour: Meet us in France, India and Spain

Retailers are probably living the most amazing and uncertain time in their history. Traditionally conservative and averse to change,  many of them are now forced to take strategic decisions that are not so much about improving the top or bottom line, but which, in many cases, are about their ability to survive.

The reason? In the omnichannel era, customers have heightened expectations about what a retail brand should be.  But many retail brands have mindsets and technologies that date back to an era when words like omnichannel, customer experience, beacons, cloud, and mobility did not exist.  And all this is happening today against a backdrop of a highly competitive marketplace in which retailers are constantly facing growing margin and pricing pressures.

Reflecting these turbulent times, we read almost daily about large retailers announcing store closures, C-level management changes, acquisition news and new market entrants.

At the center of all these changes, there is a recurring theme: the online-offline battle. The good news for bricks-and-mortar retailers is that despite the apparent hegemony of virtual channels,  and the seemingly inevitable extinction of physical channels, stores  are actually growing in importance, as demonstrated by the many cases of well-established pure online retailers expanding into the offline world.

In my opinion, stores matter more than ever. They have an important psychological and social function: a way to claim that we are human and no digital experience will ever replace the human experience of visiting a physical store. The role of the store is changing, however, and retailers must today provide much more than a simple assortment of goods.  So, we see how retailers are seeking to transform physical stores into experience destinations supported by a strong customer service orientation.

In summary, physical stores and e-commerce should not be considered as enemies. They are in fact allies in the battle to win over consumers and one of the main goals of every retailer has to be how to ensure an efficient integration of both worlds, because of the importance this integration has when it comes to providing the famous “seamless shopping experience”.

In such a disrupted industry, retail trade shows are becoming a must for getting direct information about the most recent and hottest retail trends, and more importantly, to share experiences from other retailers that act as leaders.

For companies like Openbravo, trade shows are also a great opportunity to present our latest innovations, as we will do during September in three reference retail events in France, India and Spain.

If you plan to be there, don’t miss the opportunity to meet us. We’ll talk about all aspects of retailing and explain to you why Openbravo has been already adopted by leading retailers seeking to transform their network of hundreds of physical stores as part of their core omnichannel strategy.

Click on the following links to arrange a meeting with us:

  • Equipmag 2016, September 12-14 in Paris, France
  • IRF 2016, September 21-22 in Mumbai, India
  • Retail Madrid Congress, September 28-29 in Madrid, Spain

See you there!


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