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Retailers with In-store Restaurants Boost Customer Experience and Profit

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In-store restaurants can be a great idea for retailers who want to step up their in-store experience and increase foot traffic in their stores. And choosing the right restaurant POS can make the process a lot easier.

Some retailers aim to add to the customer experience and create a dwell space where customers can wait comfortably for services and participate in the brand’s projected lifestyle. For example, a bike shop can set up a coffee bar where customers can wait comfortably while their bikes get a tune-up. Others simply want to make trips to their stores more convenient, like IKEA or Walmart.

In-store dining offers consumers something unique and compelling that digital commerce simply can’t deliver – and if retailers get it right, customers could end up spending more time and more money in their store.

Passing the taste test…

Lululemon is a perfect example. The company first enticed customers into stores by building a “club” community around its yoga classes, the it took its social experience  further by introducing a café in its new Chicago store, aptly named “Fuel.” Visitors now spending 16 percent more time at the new store compared to other high-performing Lululemon locations.

Nordstrom’s fashionable new flagship in New York has also taken the intersection of retail and restaurants very seriously. It not only offers several stylish eateries for customers to soak in the lifestyle, but customers can also get an order delivered while shopping in the store,  just by asking any salesperson, who can handle the transaction at any POS. This kind of innovation would undoubtedly require a flexible technology that could be easily customized and deployed as needed.

What Can Tech Get for You Today?

Much like in retail, personalization, speed, and convenience are increasingly important in the modern dining experience, driving restaurants to embrace technology which will help enhance the experience for their customers.

Openbravo’s commerce platform is particularly suited to to the needs of retailers interested in adding in-store restaurants. Its cloud-based platform helps retailers set up in-store restaurants much faster while keeping  IT costs low, so making it easier to replicate the experience in other stores once the initial pilot has been proven.

Discover the advantages of a platform designed for both retailers and restaurateurs that can  integrate your retail restaurant and store operations effortlessly with Openbravo’s Cloud-based POS solution for Restaurants.

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