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Retail Trends Shaped by Omnichannel

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Retailers today face many challenges that software vendors need to address efficiently, for example the so-called seamless shopping experience across all retail channels. We will be diving into it in this week´s webinar. But let me give you five cents…

We can talk about a change in the way consumers interact with brands that is basically reflected by more and better informed customers and by more integrated channels. On the one hand, customers have a better knowledge of all brands and products, thanks to the easy access to all information accessible everywhere at anytime. But more importantly: they are willing to judge and be influenced by the environment and to constantly interact with brands. Market analysis suggests that 80% of consumers trust more in the opinion of their circle of trust (family & friends), than the information provided by the brand itself. Due to their wide knowledge, they are more demanding customers than before, and their interest is not related to economic perks, but aspects like the quality of service, the brand, value identification or other intangible elements.

On the other hand, thanks to technology, customers now interact almost transparently. For them there is only one channel, which is the one in which  they are interacting with the brand at that specific moment, therefore their expectations about the shopping experience are extremely high, no matter which channel is used.

This is without a doubt a big challenge for retailers, not only from the marketing and communication perspective, but also from a logistics and organizational one, and they need to efficiently respond to these customers. Today’s new consumers demand high convenience, speed and personalizations in all their interactions with the retailer, regardless of the channel. Convenience in how to pay, collect or return products. Speed in delivery. Personalization to feel unique as customers.

We can point out some key trends in this new paradigm: the cross-channel phenomenon, mobile technologies as a key enabler, and physical stores still being the most important touch point with customers.

Openbravo Commerce Suite is a great choice for midsize to large retailers that seek to transform their physical stores channel and to embrace change through a continuous innovation process. The value is delivered through great in-store shopping experiences; through full flexibility to address different adoption scenarios, from a store solution for multiple locations to the entire retail business with one single product and architecture. And it is built on top of a future-proof technology platform, with a truly modular architecture that allows you to manage change better, innovate more and faster.

It provides a state-of-the-art store management solution, with a modern responsive web and mobile POS solution, very easy to use and deploy, thanks to being a web solution that only requires a browser to be run on each terminal.

Openbravo continuously delivers new functionalities, as well as enhancing the existing one. For example, Q2 has just been released with a whole bunch of new cool features, like  the long-awaited loyalty management, discount coupons with automatic code generation, margin indicators to prevent selling under product cost at the point of sale, improved tools for fraud prevention, like the addition of new approvals, payments hierarchy, etc.
Don’t miss this week´s webinar where we are talking about the key challenges and trends retailers face today, and how the Openbravo Commerce Suite addresses these needs though its value proposition with a quick view of freshly released Q2 new features. Just register here and hope to see you there!