Q1-2020 Release: New Reporting Server Based on TIBCO Jaspersoft

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Among the new features included in the Q1-2020 release,  Openbravo Commerce Cloud now offers extended reporting  capabilities with a new reporting engine,  based on TIBCO Jaspersoft technology.

This new component  leverages the benefits of the leading TIBCO Jaspersoft Enterprise platform to provide greater power and flexibility when designing and consuming all types of operational reports,  even in scenarios with a huge volume of operational data. Reports, dashboards, and visualizations are built with TIBCO Jaspersoft and embedded in Openbravo windows.

Reporting Server Architecture

The  picture shows a simplified view of the resulting architecture with this new component. To guarantee the highest performance levels, a dedicated server (or servers depending on the final design for each customer) will be required for its deployment and operation.

Reporting Server Architecture


Seamless Integration

The new release seamlessly integrates the Openbravo and TIBCO Jaspersoft platforms,  making it easy to create operational reports and dashboards in Jaspersoft that can be accessed directly from within Openbravo.

To implement the solution,  a data warehouse is created with both master and  sales dimensional data. The data warehouse is updated incrementally and can support large data sets for performance-effective reporting.

Key Features

These are some of the key features of the TIBCO Jaspersoft reporting platform:

  • Self-service solution for creating reports that is web-based, intuitive (drag and drop) and allows easy access to and management of data sources;
  • Secure authentication and single sign-on across Openbravo and TIBCO Jaspersoft with efficient role-based authorization mapping;
  • Creates pixel-perfect, interactive and mobile-ready reports;
  • Reports can be delivered to users inprinted form, as PDFs or embedded inside an application;
  • Support for role-based report bursting;
  • Flexible and extensible data model to support a complete retail data warehouse infrastructure with incremental standard load and update scripts for master and sales data.

Watch this video to gain a first impression of the possibilities this new component offers when used from the Openbravo Web POS. (Note: the reports presented have been only built for demo purposes and do not represent any final delivery included in this release).

Future Evolution

Future releases will progressively provide enhancements, both technical and functional, such as the delivery of out-of-the-box reports

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