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Powerful Ideas Summit

Powerful Ideas SummitNext Friday 26th I have been invited to participate on the Powerful Ideas Summit. The event has been beautifuly organized under the direction of Adolfo Plasencia by the University and Science Department of the Generalitat Valenciana and the Valencian Institute of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (IMPIVA).

The objectives of the summit are the following:

This Meeting has as a main objective to be a meeting point for sharing different visions, expertise, best practices, ways to see and do things differently in the world, joined by a common interest that cannot be given for granted: that of imaginative creative intelligence that boosts business creation, and which will be the shearest measure of its liveliness and high standard on a long and short term basis, as well as one of the most significant data for its future configuration.

In a keynote speech I will talk about Openbravo’s experience delivering an open source application to small and midsize enterprises worldwide. Later I will also join a very promising round table to discuss about open source business models with:
– John Perry Barlow, co-founder of the Electronic Frontier Foundation
– Juan Tomas García, blogger and MonoLabs founder and CEO
– Alfredo Romeo, Blobject.es founder and CEO
– Julio Yuste Tosina, Vivernet managing director and creator of LinexEmpresas
– Juan Reig, President of the Malaga’s Open Source World Conference
There are also a number of high profile participants, who will account for a very interesting gathering of ideas. I really look forward to positive energy that this type of events generate. I will keep you posted with my conclusions.

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