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Partner Summit 2015 – A Journey of Exceptional Enrichment

On 27th April, at 10.30 pm Indian Time, with great pleasure I was going through the final preparations of the Partner Summit with Orijit and Sambal, when Andreu approached me with a sense of urgency inquiring whether my opening speech for the next day was ready. My blank look made Andreu more nervous for sure, “Oh! Not again! How could you forget it this time?” Although I was wearing an artificial blanket of confidence but deep down I was also pretty blank on what to say the very next day.

The next morning it was the big day, and I started addressing the partners saying “Welcome to the 7th Annual Openbravo Partner Summit” and almost immediately an amazing feeling overshadowed my slightly unprepared speech with an emotional cloud – what a great seven years I have spent with this lovely company and with you all. I realized, I’ve already spent 7 years with Openbravo and it feels like I just started yesterday. And there you are Hari (Promantia), Senthil (Qualian), Stephane (System in Motion) – my co-warriors who’ve spent days and nights to make this dream happen. It is always a great feeling to greet our loyal partners who came not only from different cities within India but from Australia, China, Indonesia, Singapore and the Middle East.

Elbert Hubbard once said, “constant effort and frequent mistakes are the stepping stones of genius” and this is how I would describe my seven years at Openbravo. Well, please do not misread this as my small attempt to prove my genius J but yes, as a team we made mistakes but we kept on working hard to build solid Business and Commerce Suites and with them we’ve built an eco-system which justifies our effort and has helped us to reach millions of end users. Openbravo today is a formidable solution on the world’s business solutions map for larger organizations and retailers. It was indeed a proud moment. And it would have been impossible without our ecosystem of Official Partners we have been developing the past years across the globe. I take another opportunity to extend our heartiest congratulations to you all and thank you once again.

The Asia Pacific Partner Summit 2015 was special in many ways. It happened in India after almost 4 years which was itself a reason to celebrate, and Marco de Vries, CEO of Openbravo took this event to introduce the Openbravo Commerce Suite and the Business Suite which are the latest offerings from the company. We introduced our Channel Enablement Program for key Partners and for the first time, some of our key customers joined the gathering and celebrated the success of Openbravo with us. It was a great pleasure to have Vincent Dufromont, from Decathlon, India, Mr. Saran K. Joseph from Federal Bank, and Mr. Vijay Joshi from Esmech. Nothing better could describe the success of an Enterprise Management Solution when the customer-vendor dynamic has evolved into a partnership. And this is possibly the inherent reason that more and more leading organizations globally are partnering with Openbravo to designing the growth of their organizations.

“If you do build a great experience, customers tell each other about that. Word of mouth is very powerful.” – Jeff Bezos, Founder & CEO, Amazon

And this is exactly what happened at this year’s Partner Summit. It was Vincent from Decathlon who shared his experience with everyone.  Mr. Vijay Joshi, Managing Director of SMS Group (Esmech Equipment Private Ltd.) has even described himself as a fan of Openbravo. Mr. Joshi told us that the amount of flexibility Openbravo provides is almost unimaginable in any other ERP solution. The same kind of experience was even shared by Decathlon. Vincent shared his happiness over the flexibility and scalability Openbravo provides for leading retailers like Decathlon. He also explained how they had selected Openbravo 4 years back and how we managed to build a long-term association. The presentation by Stephane (System in Motion) was an experience in itself. It was a journey through the Omnichannel concept and how Openbravo is fulfilling the demand of Omnichannel Retailers.

I think this is the secret why large system integrators and Business / IT solution providers Like TCG, Datamatics, and JKTech today are partnering with Openbravo. I was having a discussion with Debjyoti Gupta, VP TCG. Debjyoti has spent more than 20 years in Business Consultancy and according to him the framework of Openbravo provides an extremely flexible and scalable solution, which is in very high demand in today’s ever-changing and hugely competitive enterprise world.

Today’s enterprises need the best practices built in a solution but apart from that they need flexibility and scalability as the business environment has never been so dynamic before. This is where Openbravo stands apart. It was a pleasure to see the roadmap of Openbravo presented by our CTO Ismael. This year Openbravo has taken a special model to empower the key partners and make them successful in a short time. Our Channel Enablement Manager Enric was at the summit and he presented a program of how we are doing this. I think this process is going to empower more and more partners to be successful in no time.

During the second day we had very productive work sessions on sales and marketing related topics, which was brilliantly managed by my colleagues Orijit Basu and Sambal Mitra. Ismael in another session also shared his valuable inputs on how we collaborate with partners to create formidable solutions for the end customer.

Overall a very productive, and fun, couple of days spent with old buddies whom we know as our channel partners. Sorely missed was Mr. S.C. Khoo who could not attend this time due to a prior engagement. I wish all our channel partners an innovative year ahead. As Steve Jobs once said –  “Innovation is not about saying yes to everything. It’s about saying NO to all but the most crucial features.” Let us keep identifying those crucial features and work towards a solution for them. That is how we should be identified and that is how we make a mark.

See you all soon!

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