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Auto Parts Retailer Gains Operational Efficiency in the Cloud

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As one of Mexico’s top retailers for auto parts and repair services, Rolcar embarked on a digital transformation in 2017 to become faster, more efficient and more competitive in an increasingly omnichannel age.

With over 60,000 products on offer, Rolcar currently offers operates 175 locations and 10 distribution centers. Monitoring and control over so many stores and distribution centers had become difficult, and the company realized it needed full integration if it wanted to keep offering superior customer service.

Want Agility? Integration is the First Step

With Openbravo’s cloud-based retail solution, Rolcar was able to replace different legacy systems and processes with a single integrated solution.

“We now have a stable platform in the cloud which allows for a more agile execution of our processes along with detailed and real-time information of all our operations,” says Luis Alberto Arriaga, a Systems Manager at Rolcar.

Openbravo POS Helps Drive Operational Excellence

Openbravo was installed in nearly 700 POS terminals and it has allowed the company to standardize its processes, manage store operations, track sales and inventory movements, and improve its overall operational efficiency.

“Openbravo allowed us to gain a better understanding of the sales performance of our products and improve the inventory processes in our repair shops,” says Victor Manuel López, President and General Director of Administration and Finance at Rolcar.

Greater operational control and better information at the point of sale enabled staff to focus more on the customer and generate a higher number of daily tickets in 2018.

To learn more about Rolcar’s cloud-based omnichannel retail solution and its future plans, read the Customer Story! Want to know more about achieving operational excellence in stores? Watch our webinar, Optimize your Stores for Operational Excellence and Omnichannel Success


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