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Openbravo Web POS takes retailing to next level

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What’s so special about Openbravo Web POS? It is a question many retailers ask us so let’s take a  closer look at Openbravo’s POS solution and how it helps you as a retailer.

In today’s retail environment, you need to give customers good reasons to want to keep coming back to your stores. Offering stand-out customer service is more important than  ever and  a good POS system is key to  taking your in-store experience to the next level.

You need to satisfy the heightened expectations of your in-store shoppers by offering them a faster and more convenient checkout experience. If they have to wait in line too long, they are less likely to return to your store.

At Openbravo  we have invested a lot of time and development effort in creating a  POS solution that provides a great user experience with an agile, flow-oriented  user interface designed to speed up checkout lines.

Deploy on multiple devices

Because it is web-based, Openbravo Web POS can be deployed on many different devices, including  tablets and smartphones. That is a big benefit for retailers as it means store associates no longer need to be tied to a traditional fixed POS terminal.

They can engage with shoppers and process transactions from anywhere on the store floor using any type of mobile device. This capability is especially important when your stores are particularly busy, as you can deploy associates with mobile POS terminals to break up long lines.

Store associates who have advised a customer on the floor can  complete the transaction themselves using mobile POS, so there is less risk of losing the sale if the customer sees long lines at the checkout counter.

Mobile POS also offers a highly cost-effective solution for processing transactions at temporary events such as “pop up” stores or trade shows.

Its important to realize that mobile users have access to exactly the same range of functions as users who access Openbravo on a fixed terminal or PC.  These include enterprise-wide inventory visibility, customer history, promotions, loyalty schemes,  gift vouchers and Openbravo’s powerful assisted sale capabilities. The latter allow associates to recommend products based on customer preferences and increase up-selling and cross-selling opportunities.

The latest release of Openbravo Commerce Cloud incorporates two important features that can help reduce checkout lines even further: mobile payments and self checkout. See our earlier blog post for more details.

Focus on usability

Openbravo’s team of usability experts spent considerable time ensuring that the user interface of Openbravo Web POS is intuitive and easy to use, irrespective of what type of device is used.

The big advantage for retailers of having a single POS solution that can be deployed on many types of devices is that  store associates do not need to learn how to use each type of device.

But the wide variety of fixed and mobile terminals  that can be deployed stores mean that designing software that runs well on diferent devices is a complex task.

For example, touch screen terminals are common at the point-of-sale and many stores also need a keyboard and mouse so that associates can type in product codes or keywords.

But some retailers may not yet be ready to replace their traditional  monitors with touch screens. Others may have decided to embrace mobile POS by equipping their associates with tablets.

While the functionality avaiable to associates is identical irrespective of the device they are using, Openbravo Web POS uses responsive design to ensure  that the user interface is optimized for the screen size and format of each device.

For more information on how we designed  Openbravo Web POS, you can check out this blog post from our usability experts.

To find out more about the key features of Openbravo Web  POS watch the interactive demo.

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