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Openbravo Unified Commerce Hub Delivers Omnichannel Retail for the New Retail Reality

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A few days ago, Openbravo and Adyen announced the launch of a new joint solution, the Openbravo Unified Commerce Hub, so that retailers can apply omnichannel retail as the best strategy for adapting to the new challenges imposed by COVID-19.

Combining key elements of the Openbravo and Adyen platforms, the Openbravo Unified Commerce Hub offers a ready-to-use, pre-configured solution that allows you to quickly start managing the uncertainties of new shopping habits and tackle the challenges imposed by the COVID-19 successfully thanks to:

  • Support for a variety of omnichannel sales and returns scenarios such as BOPIS (Click & Collect), BORIS (online purchase and store return), and others;
  • The ability to prepare physical stores in support of such scenarios and implement new contactless experiences that their buyers will value;
  • The option for extremely fast implementation, in a matter of weeks; and
  • Optimized costs over time thanks to a flexible, pay-per-use pricing model.



Openbravo Unified Commerce Hub is offered to retailers in two different versions.

The Openbravo Unified Commerce Hub Launch Pack is designed for retailers whose focus is omnichannel sales scenarios and their store operations, excluding the implementation of a complete warehouse management system (WMS). Deployment is achieved in a matter of weeks.

The Openbravo Unified Commerce Hub Growth Pack contains all the features of the Launch Pack, plus the option for a complete implementation of a WMS system for the management of all their central warehouses or distribution centers as well as the option to extend the standard functionality with functional improvements or general integrations of low complexity. The implementation time is defined on a case-by-case basis.



The Openbravo Unified Commerce Hub solution includes the following five components: The Central Hub, the OMS Hub, the Store Hub, the Openbravo Cloud, and the WMS Hub.

This blog post is the first in a series of five posts reviewing the main characteristics of the Unified Commerce Hub by component, starting here with the Central Hub.



Built on Openbravo’s modular and mobile platform, Central Hub provides retailers with a single, centralized repository of information and the set of horizontal functional and technical capabilities required to execute standard omnichannel, store and inventory processes supported by the solution.

Central information repository

The Central Hub incorporates information on process configuration, master data and transactions into a single data repository. Data on clients, products and prices can be managed and maintained in external systems (ERP, CRM or PIM system) and data required for the management of operations can be easily registered in Openbravo through its standard commerce API. Changes such as new products or prices are made at the central level and are updated in real time across all stores, thereby drastically reducing your time-to-launch.

Information regarding orders or stock, managed by other components such as the Store Hub, OMS Hub or WMS Hub, is also consolidated in the Central Hub, thus ensuring a single status view of omnichannel operations, accessible from any point.

Pricing and Discounting Engine

Within its capabilities, the Central Hub incorporates a powerful promotions engine. It handles fixed or percentage discounts, ticket or line level, input manually or automatically, and the definition of rules application based on any combination of multiple conditions.

The engine’s flexibility means that in common adoption scenarios, the Openbravo Unified Commerce Hub acts as the owner and manager of all the retailer’s promotions.



Reporting Solution Based on TIBCO Technology

To analyze the performance of your omnichannel operations, the Central Hub includes a reporting solution with a set of standard reports on the powerful technology of TIBCO Jaspersoft. Store sales, stock or performance reports designed with TIBCO, but directly accessible on Openbravo screens.




Adyen-certified Connector and Standard Commerce API

For the management of payments, the Central Hub incorporates a connector developed by Openbravo and certified by Adyen which allows retailers to offer the maximum degree of convenience to their customers by accepting a wide variety of payment methods at the point of sale, such as VISA , Amex, Mastercard, Apple Pay, Alipay, WeChat Pay and others, and through the use of Adyen payment terminals.

Likewise, and as a central element of integration with external systems, the Central Hub incorporates a standard commerce API that simplifies the connection with legacy systems such as ERPs, eCommerce, CRM or others, thus ensuring complete and end-to-end omnichannel management and efficient.




Don’t miss the upcoming blog posts in this series to learn more about the components of the Openbravo Unified Commerce Hub solution.

Meanwhile, you can also read more about the solution features, and how you as a retailer can adapt to the new retail reality better and faster by downloading the Openbravo Unified Commerce Hub Solution Brochure.