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Openbravo: the cost-effective solution for emerging retail markets

One of the most critical factors for achieving success in emerging retail markets  is minimizing initial IT investment costs. This also means ensuring the framework in place is flexible and scalable enough to support company growth without running up IT costs.

This blogpost, part of a series focused on specific challenges facing retailers in emerging markets, shows how Openbravo can help retailers to expand intelligently and provide a great customer experience in new markets.

According to PwC´s 2016 Global Innovation 1000 Study, companies who reported faster revenue growth than their key competitors allocated 25% more of their R&D budgets to software offerings than their counterparts.

However, if retailers are looking to optimize their return on investment, they must adopt technology solutions which can minimize their upfront investment as well as ongoing maintenance costs. This can be achieved with using a modular and cloud-ready technology platform that is priced depending on functionality, rather than the number of named users.

Openbravo helps reduce your IT costs in many ways, as described below.

Flexible subscription-based price model

Openbravo’s subscription-based pricing allows retailers to reduce the initial investment while ensuring the software solution is customized to deliver maximum value for their business.  Significant cost savings can be achieved with higher flexibility and better budget control that come with multi-year subscriptions.  Retailers can choose between Enterprise and Professional Editions and adapt them to their business needs. In addition, premium solutions such as Openbravo Analytics or Mobile Infrastructure are included at no additional charge.

Open source stack and web-based architecture

A full web-based architecture with strong offline support simplifies the global IT infrastructure and lowers IT costs using a fully open source stack, which reduces overall licensing costs and minimizes vendor lock-in.

Openbravo´s web-based IT architecture simplifies the technical infrastructure requirements in both stores and head office, so reducing the costs associated with hardware and IT personnel. The use of common programming languages means retailers will always be able to draw from a global pool of IT talent.

As explained in the previous blogpost about workforce productivity, Openbravo uses centralized training modules to help reduce training time and cost, a key benefit for retailers that must frequently hire and train new and existing staff.

User-friendly, Mobile-enabled POS

A web-based architecture also means retailers can use any digital/mobile device with internet connection, so reducing upfront capital costs.

The Openbravo Web POS allows retailers to embrace mobility in their stores. Thanks to ultra-light technical requirements for store terminals, retailers can re-use existing POS hardware or adopt low-cost mobile POS devices which ultimately lower overall hardware costs, a particularly important factor for retailers in emerging markets. These devices can also give retailers the flexibility and agility to handle higher volumes prompted by peak times, special sales, or pop-up stores.

Cloud-ready architecture

The Openbravo Commerce Cloud provides a highly differentiated offering that increases business agility at a very competitive cost. Openbravo uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud infrastructure for faster and more affordable business scalability. Cloud infrastructure costs are based on retailer’s specific needs and the software subscription is based on POS terminals and concurrent users, rather than named user-based costs.

Modular architecture

Modularity is one of the key characteristics of the Openbravo Technology Platform. This means retailers can  do more and faster, which simplifies implementation and maintenance efforts, and ultimately reduces costs. Openbravo makes it really easy to package and deploy extensions.

Openbravo’s embedded Module Management Console simplifies administration by making it possible to search in a central repository for new modules or versions and install them as plug-ins. Existing components can be extended or changed with a high level of granularity, allowing retailers to synchronize changes across their system. Updates, upgrades, and maintenance are also simplified by decoupling extensions from core functionality.

Future-proofing your Expansion in Emerging Markets

Retailers can lower initial risk and overall IT costs as they expand and grow into new and emerging markets, namely by simplifying IT administration, making it easy to add or upgrade their system, and reducing the need for additional licenses, hardware, and personnel resources.

For an in-depth look at the challenges of emerging market retailing, access our presentation slides or replay our webinar How to Grow Successfully in Emerging Retail Markets with Openbravo, presented by Francesco Leto, Openbravo Business Development Director for New Markets, and Xavier Places, Openbravo Product Marketing Director.


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