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Last two weeks were very exciting. Following hard work during the last few months, we finally went live on Monday 15th with our revamped Openbravo website and new offering. Thanks to the team for their involvement and great job!

A totally new website, with a fresh and modern design, mobile ready, with improved navigation, more informative and better adapted to the different Openbravo ecosystem players that visit us.  A better tool to connect with all of you and to communicate better who we are and what we offer. Thanks to everyone for being there!

On the other hand, the new website has been also the way to communicate our new offering. A new offering based on our current Openbravo Commerce Platform and Openbravo ERP Platform but with new packaging and exciting new benefits that provide more value to customers and facilitates the choice between the existing editions. Since once of our main value proposition pillars is flexibility, it makes sense that the offering should be too. So we are introducing new pricing tools that  provide higher pricing flexibility to our customers to adapt to their needs while adding new capabilities that increase the value of our solution. Let me go through the main elements.

The new offering continues to be built around 3 editions that evolve from our old editions:

  • Openbravo Enterprise Edition
  • Openbravo Professional Edition
  • Openbravo Community Edition


3 Editions comparison
3 Editions comparison


The Enterprise Edition is intended for demanding customers who have enterprise class needs and provides them with a way to acquire an Openbravo solution bundled together with higher value services. Its base subscription fee includes up to 20 concurrent full users and 20 terminals for the Commerce Platform and 20 concurrent full users for the ERP Platform that customers can increase by adding additional users and terminals packs. Enterprise Edition now comes with additional exclusive new options and services included in the subscription fee:

  • Training. A free seat to our online functional courses is now included for each user and year
  • Portal users. A Portal User is a new limited user type entitled to use a limited standard Openbravo functionality through the portal, a simplified user interface based in a special workspace. This new user type cost-effectively accommodates usage scenarios wherein a significant portion of the end user community will only use Openbravo for very limited functionality or with a very limited interaction with the existing business processes. Typically, for example, in the case of giving access to external users (suppliers…).
  • Application Monitoring Tool.  This is a new commercial module based on a third party solution by AppDynamics that dramatically simplifies and improves the way the Openbravo solution can be monitored. It provides detailed visibility into the application behavior with extensive and detailed information about the different Openbravo application elements, thus allowing  faster reaction time in the face of any application event and therefore helping to improve both preventive and corrective maintenance activities. A subscription for one server is included for the Enterprise Edition that can be extended for additional servers while Professional Edition customers can subscribe to it optionally. This new tool has been possible thanks to a new strategic partnership with AppDynamics, a leader in the Application Performance Monitoring market as it demonstrates, for example, its classification in 2013 as a Leader in Gartner’s 2013 Magic Quadrant for Application Performance Monitoring. So we are very happy to join forces with one of the best solutions on the market.


Application Monitoring Tool
Application Monitoring Tool


These new Enterprise benefits add to the already exclusive Enterprise benefits such as 24×7 Premium Support, unlimited web services calls for intensive integration scenarios, unlimited users and terminals with a fully tailored pricing that helps to simplify the whole budgeting process or Casual Users.

The Professional Edition is a very compellingly priced entry level edition that customers can grow by adding options. A great way to start benefitting from the Openbravo Solutions especially for those clients requiring a low number of users and terminals and with standard support needs. Base subscription fee includes up to 5 concurrent full users and 5 terminals for the Commerce Platform and 5 concurrent full users for the ERP Platform that customers can increase by adding additional users and terminals packs.

Another important new benefit this time for both editions, Enterprise and Professional, is the inclusion of Openbravo Analytics at no additional charge. Openbravo Analytics is our powerful embedded analytics engine that provides tools for developers, functional leaders and end users for creating and consuming advanced multi-dimensional reports that provide actionable insights into business performance. Its inclusion helps to dramatically improve our business intelligence capabilities with a solution which is very easy to use and deploy. Openbravo Analytics comes with multi-dimensional financial reports for all businesses, and for retailers it includes a complete set of reports such as Store Performance, Best Selling Products, Returns, Cashup Summary or Discounts amongst others.


Openbravo Analytics
Openbravo Analytics


Our On Demand offering has also been  revised to ensure a perfect fit with these new editions, and it is now offered as a deployment option for both Enterprise and Professional, instead of having a totally independent pricing. Customers will sign for a yearly subscription but with monthly billing, based on the number of named users and terminals.

Higher pricing flexibility for customers that see the benefits of long-term agreements is provided from now on with multi-year subscriptions that  allow customers to subscribe to an Openbravo solution for a number of years instead of the regular one-year subscription.  Rather than having to renew their contracts every year, with multi-year subscriptions customers have the assurance of continuous service coverage and benefit from important pricing conditions. This will of course also reduce the administrative burden for customers and partners. Instead of having to renew every year, it offers an opportunity to discuss other matters important to a customer’s evolving business.


Enterprise and Professional comparison
Enterprise and Professional comparison


The new offering also comes with a review of our pricing in some markets such as India, China or Africa amongst others, with which we want to be more sensitive to the reality in these territories and better adapt to our market presence.

Apart of these two editions, we keep our commitment to our Community and will continue to offer the Community Edition, totally for free with basic core Openbravo ERP Platform functionality. A new Community section in our website now provides an easier access to all our Community tools.

For celebrating this new offering we have launched a special offer for new customers. Don’t miss this opportunity and act now on this time-limited offer!


New website New Offering

For additional information, visit our Editions & Pricing website section, for our Commerce Platform and ERP Platform solutions and follow the conversation in our Social Media channels!

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