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Zôdio envisions digital future for home decor retail

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The shopping journey is becoming more complex in furniture and home décor retailing, and consumers now have more information and more choices. Brand loyalty can no longer be taken for granted so retailers in this sector know they must embrace omnichannel retail to improve the customer experience and seamlessly integrate physical and online channels.

Zôdio, a French specialty retailer of home décor products, chose Openbravo to help it achieve these aims and today it uses Openbravo POS in all its 20 stores. Zôdio recognized that the in-store customer experience plays a critical role in establishing a differentiated shopping proposition particularly in an era when rival offerings from competitors are just one mouse click away.

Zôdio had a particular need to to improve customer service levels during peak shopping periods. One of the benefits it offers its loyalty card holders is members-only promotions, which offer big discounts to purchases made on certain days.

Lines used to form in the stores at these and other peak times, and so Zôdio wanted a solution that could handle the extra workload and so improve the customer experience. The Openbravo POS allows store staff to be redeployed with mobile POS terminals to perform “queue busting” during busy times.

Zôdio was already embracing eCommerce before the coronavirus pandemic forced its stores in France to temporarily close. The Openbravo solution has helped Zôdio adapt to this new scenario with omnichannel fulfilment options such as Click and Collect, which allows Zôdio stores to fulfill online orders using store inventory, so customers can buy products online and pick them up in their nearest store.

If desired, they do not even have to enter the store as Zôdio has introduced curbside pickup.

👉🏼Read the case study to learn more about how Openbravo has helped Zôdio embrace omnichannel retail and its plans to expand the relationship.