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Openbravo helps Pollyanna Group adapt to new era of fashion retailing

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As the fashion industry becomes increasingly dominated by multinational fast-fashion brands like Zara and H&M, there is still room for niche players who put the emphasis on exclusive, contemporary fashion and serve a regional rather than international market.

These retailers have much to gain from an integrated and omnichannel retail solution that is flexible enough to be customized for their business-specific needs,  and allows them to focus and choose which omnichannel capabilities they want to adopt to achieve their growth objectives.

This was the situation facing Pollyanna Group, based  in Andorra, when it approached Openbravo in 2017. The Pollyanna Group is a well-established fashion retailer known for cultivating a unique style across its nine stores which cater to men, women and children’s fashion.

Building a stronger bond with the customer

The reality is that many of the most exclusive fashion brands rely on local and established multi-brand retailers to build the relationships with a large number of customers that they cannot reach themselves.  This makes leveraging technology to enhance customer experience a top priority for regional retailers like the Pollyanna Group.

The company wanted an omnichannel solution that would help each store gain insight into its customers’ behaviors and buying preferences, so as to build stronger relationships with them.  The Pollyanna Group leverages social media, as well as managing a loyalty program, gift cards, and a Baby Registry through its website. This allow additional pre- and post-purchase touch points through by promoting and granting exclusive or premium access to discounts, special events, seasonal sales, and new collections through their online channels.

The new Openbravo POS solution allows store associates to easily access customer information at the point of sale and assist them more effectively, whether they are making a return, scheduling a delivery, or using credit from their registry or loyalty account.

Delivering what the customer wants

The Pollyanna Group also recognized the benefit of real-time visibility of sales and integration with inventory management and replenishment.  The new solution enables the company to monitor and adapt more quickly to changes in demand, enabling it to increase orders, slow them down, or move inventory from one location to another, as needed.

Like many grassroots retailers, Pollyanna also manages multiple brands and suppliers in order to fulfill its role as curators.  The new solution includes a centralized merchandising management functionality which makes  it easier to categorize new products hierarchically and introduce them faster and across multiple stores.

In today’s omnichannel world, it is clear that multi-brand stores continue to fulfil a key need for fashion shoppers, particularly in locations where the brands’ flagship stores are not well represented. And even well-established retailers like the Pollyanna Group can still benefit from change by incorporating new technology to optimize their retail operations for their stores.

To find out more about Pollyanna Group, read the Customer Story. For more information on how Openbravo can benefit fashion retailers, please download our fashion retail datasheet or watch our webinar, Omnichannel leader or laggard: What’s your choice as a fashion retailer?