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Openbravo Advanced Warehouse Operations helps Retailers optimize inventory

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Stock-outs, overstock and forced mark-downs as result of products nearing their expiry date are not  the only sources of losses in retailers’ day-to-day operations.

Inaccurate inventory records cause big headaches for employees and can seriously damage the customer experience, causing customers to walk out your store. Complex legacy systems and outdated user interfaces create additional problems and reduce operating profits  because of high maintenance costs and low efficiency in the stores and distribution centers.

But if you get inventory management right, you gain  multiple benefits: higher customer satisfaction, lower costs for customer retention, increased sales and margins, more efficient warehouses, high inventory turnover ratio and  better working capital utilization.

Retailers are above all pragmatic. They don’t build the first floor of their building until the foundation is solid. They accept that omni- multi- or cross-channel retailing is necessary to meet  customers’ desire for convenience.  So are advanced store features with integrated IoT devices, RFID or assisted sales techniques for up- and cross selling.

But these advanced features are unlikely to produce significant improvements if the basics are out of control. Indeed, they can backfire dangerously. If you have equipped your store with advanced tecnoologies but inventory management is not working well, then you your brand reputation risks being savaged in social media.

inventory mgmtOpenbravo Advanced Warehouse Operations  aims to help you address these issues in a comprehensive way. It consists of a  set of functionalities and smart algorithms, each of them designed with the purpose of ‘owning’ all inventory processes in any company, big or small, simple or complex, manual or automated/robotized, while not forgetting that the end-user interaction has to be the most simple, intuitive, concise and off-line resistant.

Openbravo Advanced Warehouse Operations combines the best of both worlds: sophisticated functionality to address complex and simple logistic environments, and a smartphone-like interface that brings any new hire up-to-speed in five minutes and operates seamlessly in environments with intermittent connectivity. When trying to get the basics right, what else is there to wish?

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