Openbravo 3 is awesome and it is now generally available too

“Amazing”, “brutally powerful”, “it rocks”, “awesome”.

These are some of the adjectives and expressions that early adopters have used to describe their experience with Openbravo 3, since it was launched as a controlled release last February.
Today, almost four months later, we proudly announced that Openbravo 3 has reached the generally available status.
This milestone means that we now consider it our most stable release and we recommend it for deployment for all projects.
Even as a controlled release version, Openbravo 3 has achieved a great degree of success in the field and, after only four months, it boasts impressive statistics:
  • More than 70,000 downloads
  • More than 6,000 new installations
  • More than 200 deployments of Openbravo 3 Community Edition
  • More than 30 on going implementations of Openbravo 3 Professional Edition
Today’s announcement was very special for us and this release was not a release like many others, introducing the latest version of a product.
This milestone is the culmination of our work since the inception of the company and it marks the completion and delivery of our original vision of Agile ERP.
Openbravo 3 is a product that is easy to deploy, easy to learn; easy to use, easy to configure and extend, while still being always easy to update and upgrade.
Unlike other ERPs, Openbravo 3 is a product that enables, rather than impede, business agility. It can be put in production in a very short period of time, ensuring a rapid return of investment, and it can be expanded and modified as the organization needs change after that. It does not consume endless months of management attention during the implementation project. Once in place, it does not freeze in time the business processes of the company, harming its very ability to change, which is the essence of the competitive advantage that many small and medium organizations thrive on.
Most importantly, Openbravo 3 is a product we love and we hope that you will love it too.


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