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Sports Retailer Deporvillage Boosts Sales by 60% with Openbravo

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Founded in 2010, Deporvillage has become one of the leading online stores for cycling, running, and other sports equipment in Southern Europe. By 2016, the company had expanded into four countries – Spain, Italy, France and Portugal – and reached €20m in sales.

However, the growing  volume and complexity of its business meant that  the limitations of its existing information systems were increasingly apparent.  Spreadsheets and other stand-alone programs were becoming less reliable, while duplication and lack of synchronization were driving up costs and slowing down the business.

“To achieve our 150% growth target over the next two years, we realized we needed to make some changes,” says Àngel Corcuera, COO of Deporvillage.

The Need for Agility 

Deporvillage wanted a solution that would grow at the same pace as the company. “Openbravo provides us with a business management solution to effectively manage our operations thanks to a high degree of agility, responsiveness and ease of use,” says Corcuera.

In addition to the integration of sales and finances, eCommerce, logistics, and customer management, Openbravo allowed Deporvillage focus on how the solution could be used to achieve business-specific objectives.

For example, the company was able to develop its own algorithms to automate the replenishment process and boost efficiency. Openbravo’s solution can not only handle a wide variety of payment methods, but also account for the different European fiscal regulations, such as Spain’s SII. A number of mobile devices were also equipped with Openbravo’s POS solution so that sales from pop-stores and events could be instantly synchronized.

With the help of Openbravo Gold Partner, Practics, Deporvillage was able to implement the Openbravo solution and integrate their entire business process within six months.

A Solution in Step with Growth

“Since the introduction of Openbravo, we have increased sales by 60% in 2017 and we expect another 50% growth in 2018,” says Xavier Pladellorens, CEO of Deporvillage. “Openbravo allowed us to standardize processes and streamline the methodology, controlling high levels of operations, which has greatly facilitated the growth we are experiencing,” he adds.

By gaining agility and transparency throughout the business, the company was able to improve the performance of the website and its customer experience, allowing Deporvillage to continue promising competitive pricing, prompt customer service, and fast delivery for over 40,000 products and more than 400 top brands.

To find out more about Deporvillage, you can read the Customer Story. Want to know more about Openbravo platform? Read about the platform here, or take a product tour!