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OMS Hub Helps Retailers Achieve True Omnichannel Order Management in a Matter of Weeks

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This blogpost is the second in a series of five offering a more detailed description of the components of the Openbravo Unified Commerce Hub solution. As a joint initiative by Openbravo and Adyen, the Unified Commerce Hub offers retailers comprehensive and pre-configured functionality to accelerate their transformation into real omnichannel retail in a matter of weeks, which is essential for the quick and effective adaptation to the new retail reality imposed by the COVID-19 circumstances.

The Openbravo Unified Commerce Hub includes the following key components: The Central Hub, the OMS Hub, the Store Hub, Openbravo Cloud and the WMS Hub.

In our previous blogpost we discussed the Central Hub; today we will talk about the OMS Hub, a fundamental component to ensure the type of omnichannel experiences that customers expect today.

About the OMS Hub

The OMS Hub component included in the Openbravo Unified Commerce Hub leverages the Openbravo Omnichannel Order Management System (OMS). This component is a cloud-based order management system that provides a single, global view of all available inventory which allows retailers to intelligently manage, sell, and fulfill merchandise across all in-store and digital touchpoints. Combined with flexible order brokering, it ensures that every order meets each customer’s expectations in the most profitable manner.

The OMS Hub key capabilities include:

  • Global stock visibility and management
  • Ability to ship to and from anywhere
  • Orders creation, execution and tracking
  • Reporting and analysis against orders

The OMS Hub Components

The OMS Hub includes two elements: The Order Hub and the Order Broker.

The Order Hub is a central framework for order registration, processing and tracking which supports a variety of sales and returns scenarios. The Order Broker is a set of business rules that ensure an optimized fulfillment process by selecting the best shipping locations according to customer needs and retailer profitability goals.

The OMS Hub works seamlessly with all other Openbravo solutions included in the rest of Openbravo Unified Commerce Hub components to access all the order related information, such as customer data, products, prices and inventory that is required for effective order management.

How does the OMS Hub work?

The following picture illustrates an example of the OMS Hub in action in response to a customer online order.

  1. The online order is received through the available eCommerce connector.
  2. The OMS Order Broker makes a proposal with the best fulfillment options. The fulfillment logic takes requirements into consideration in order to adapt to customer preferences and profitability goals, such as, for example, the need to serve an order from one single location and minimize the number of shipments.
  3. The order is finally registered by the Order Hub and the fulfillment process starts.
  4. Proposed shipping locations sent by the OMS Broker can be accepted by the store or warehouse, or rejected, which would require a new OMS Broker execution to determine an alternative location.
  5. Once the proposal is accepted, the order is finally prepared and delivered to the customer at home or to the selected store (in the case of BOPIS).

Endless Aisle for your inventory

The OMS Hub enables endless aisle services for physical stores by breaking down the channel silos, which ultimately results in key benefits for both the retailer and its customers, such as increased footfalls and sales conversions, a reduction in sales loss, and inventory expansion without increasing floor space.

Better store fulfillment and omnichannel experiences

With the OMS Hub, retailers can enable physical stores to perform omnichannel transactions that offer more convenience to customers and increase sales. These scenarios include:

  • Ship-to-store
  • Ship-from-store
  • BOPIS (Buy Online Pickup in Store), or Click&Collect
  • BORIS (Buy Online Return in Store


Download the Openbravo Omnichannel OMS brochure to get a more detailed view of the underlying capabilities and benefits of the OMS Hub and how the solution can help retailers adapt to the new retail reality better and faster with true omnichannel order management capabilities. 

Stay tuned to learn more about the Openbravo Unified Commerce Hub in our upcoming blogposts describing the Store Hub, Openbravo Cloud, and the WMS Hub.