Our new product tour, more complete and accessible

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The product tour has traditionally been one of the most used tools by those who have wanted to know more about our solutions for retail. It responds to a need by retailers or brands in the process of evaluating solutions  and who need to see them in action, even before requesting a contact with one of our experts.

The good news is the announcement a few days ago of a new, much more complete product tour that shows Openbravo Commerce Cloud in action under different scenarios both online and offline, combining capabilities of our API and its functional components, Openbravo Commerce Central, Openbravo OMS, Openbravo WMS, Openbravo Store, and Openbravo Reporting.

As well as the wider range functions in the new demonstration, it can now be accessed freely as we have remove the need for registration that  was previously necessary, thus offering greater ease and flexibility when evaluating our omnichannel platform. We decided that because Openbravo Commerce Cloud offers comprehensive functionality and high flexibility of adoption and adaptation, flexibility and ease of use should also be in the evaluation process.

You can access today the renewed product tour, and decide to see it in its entirety, or navigate directly to some of its scenarios to discover the value that Openbravo Commerce Cloud offers to your retail business:

  • Organization and OMS settings for order management
  • Online scenarios: Ship-from-store and Click and Collect
  • In-store scenarios: assisted selling, cross sales and returns, inventory, self-checkout
  • Reporting

If after seeing it you have doubts or want to know more because you think we can help achieve the objectives of your retail business, do not hesitate to contact us!

Openbravo Commerce Cloud: more than just omnichannel. Find out now.