New Openbravo User Guide is available.

Dear All,

We have been working to provide the Community with reliable go-to information about Openbravo 3 in a handy, searchable, “green” on-line format.  And now (drum roll) I am pleased to announce (another drum roll) it is finally here!

More than 200 web pages of the User Guide contain what you need to know about Openbravo whether you are a developer, a partner, a user, or if you are just plain curious.  It is the place to go to first whenever you have a question about Openbravo’s functionality. Please be sure we are not going to stop here. From this foundation our next goal is to fine-tune delivered content and also to provide new text for all of Openbravo’s Advanced Features, and to create How-To responses to common questions.  We will be updating the document continuously as Openbravo evolves and as questions and answers arise within the community.

This is an important milestone many have been anticipating.  So check it out.  Look for answers to anything that perplexes you.  And if you don’t get your problem answered there, add a question to the new User Guide Forum .  Your insights will help grow the User Guide into a more and more valuable resource for everyone, over time.

You are also invited to attend our User Guide Webinar on Wednesday, 23 February at 8:30AM PST (4:30 GMT).  In this session we will provide details about how to the get the most out of the Openbravo 3 User Guide, how to help us make it better, and we will answer your questions.

Finally, I would like to thank several key people: Patricia San Juan and Renate Nieuwkoop, Asier Lostale and Augusto Mauch. Thanks to each of you for your efforts and initiative in helping us realize this goal.

Stay tuned to the Openbravo Planet wave because more insights about Openbravo Documentation are coming.

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