Latest Openbravo Release Boosts Omnichannel Support in Store and Warehouse

2 min read

The latest release of Openbravo Commerce Cloud, 19Q2,  includes several new features designed to improve the in-store shopping experience for customers and support omnichannel scenarios in the store and behind the scenes.

In the Store

To accommodate increasingly fragmented customer journeys, the latest release of Commerce Cloud now supports cross-store payments,  which allows retailers to accept payments and process pick-ups and returns on items which were ordered online or from other stores. This functionality is essential for executing omnichannel scenarios like Buy Online, Pick Up in Store (BOPIS) and for making the returns process as fast and painless as possible, which is particularly important during holidays and other peak times.

Today’s customers have higher expectations and they want retailers’ loyalty programs to work harder for them. Reflecting this, the loyalty scheme capabilities of Openbravo Commerce Cloud have been enhanced to allow retailers to define multiple levels within their loyalty programs, such as Bronze, Silver, Gold, etc. It also allows retailers to set rules for accumulating and spending points, and apply temporary rules corresponding to level-specific promotions.

Openbravo Commerce Cloud now offers built-in compliance with France’s Finance Act, which came into force in 2016. This requires POS software to guarantee that data from every sales process is collected, stored, and archived securely so that it can be audited if necessary. Openbravo already complies with country-specific fiscal regulations in France, India, and Mexico, and we can develop connectors to comply with requirements in other countries quickly and cost effectively, if required.

In the Warehouse

Openbravo has introduced features to improve efficiency in the stock room and warehouse.  The software already supports batch picking, which allows multiple orders  to be picked at the same time to avoid repeat visits to the same bin, and wave picking, which allows staff to pick up items by area and in programmed intervals, or “waves”.

Openbravo now combines these capabilities with batched wave picking, which allows a scheduled process to trigger picking activity for a predefined selection of sales/distribution/work orders. The operator load balancing functionality optimizes task assignment with the operator activity and material throughput in the warehouse. This means that specific areas can be prioritized, and tasks can be assigned dynamically according to priority, travel sequence, or bin for truly optimized picking.

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