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Sports retail teams up with technology

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Sports retailers need to up their game and improve the instore sports retail experience to compete better with online competitors.

Sports retail has seen online sales grow steadily but it should be noted that store traffic has not decreased as much as sales, since many consumers still prefer to go to the store to try on or see the products and take advantage of the expert advice and assistance offered by sports retailers.

It is true that there are many products that we can buy online without needing the advice of an expert. Consumers can find out what is best for them after a little online research on products such as fitness accessories, yoga or recreational hiking.

But for more specialized products things change, a lot.

The more seriously we take a sport or seek to improve our performance, the more specialized products we need. In these cases, the advice of an expert is vital to be able to choose the right product and thus achieve the goals that we set ourselves.

To complement the specialized support provided by store associates, more retailers are turning to technology to design a new in-store shopping experience for the sale of sporting goods. Some examples:

  • Mirrors with augmented reality to avoid having to queue up to use  the fitting room if all you want to do is try different colors before making the decision or perhaps buy the product in several colors.
  • Self-checkout to limit physical contact and permit faster checkouts and so improve customer experience, as Openbravo client Decathlon has discovered.
  • Clienteling solutions to promote cross-selling by accessing the customer history of each consumer in real time and being able to refine product recommendations knowing their preferences perfectly.
  • Offer Click and Collect so that users can buy in any channel and pick up the product in the store when it suits them best without having to depend on being at home waiting for the delivery person.

These are just some of the advantages that technology offers and that sports retailers can leverage to continue offering first-rate experiences.

Ancillary services

A good way to complement the experience and continue to exploit the power of the physical store is to have a small workshop to customize or repair bicycles, skis, snowboards or other products that may need adjustments from time to time.

This service does not have to be exclusive to products purchased in your store, you can offer assistance to products from other manufacturers to reach more customers.

These ancillary services are a great way to improve the shopping experience,  encourage return visits and so increase the lifetime value of your customers.

These are just a few of the ways to counter the growth of the online by ensuring that your sports retail store become a point of reference for your customers.

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