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Greater Productivity and Faster Adoption with Openbravo in New Retail Markets

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Achieving success in emerging retail markets depends on many contributing factors. One that is sometimes not given sufficient importance is the need to ensure that you have highly engaged and productive staff.

This blogpost, part of a series focused on specific challenges facing retailers in emerging markets, shows how Openbravo can help retailers to achieve this goal and provide a great customer experience.

If retailers are looking to boost their productivity, they must adopt technology solutions that help manage staff and store operations more efficiently, and provides staff with the tools to deliver a better customer experience.

Adopt retail solutions that are easy to use and learn

In today’s fast-changing retail environment with retailers obliged to continuously introduce new products or innovate processes, they need to able to count on technologies that reduce learning and training needs.

Retailers face high staff turnover rates and may need to make frequent hirings to cover seasonal situations, so it is important to be able to ensure that all these temporary employees will be productive as soon as possible.

Embrace mobility for greater productivity

Many retailers have yet to benefit from the strategic use of mobile technologies, which prevents them from increasing productivity and seeking new growth opportunities in areas like sales or inventory management.

It is essential that retailers invest in new  mobile technologies as part of mobile-first strategies.

How does Openbravo help retailers?

The Openbravo Commerce Suite is designed to reduce the learning curve for employees, so ensuring rapid adoption and greater productivity. The capabilities of its store solution empower more store associates to deliver a superb customer service.

A very easytouse and productive web user interface

Openbravo was designed with a clear goal in mind: people productivity. Its highly intuitive and productive user interface helps to reduce onboarding times and facilitates collaboration. Key features include:

  • Mail integration for automatic sending of documents;
  • notes and links to any document that can be easily registered and shared with other people;
  • support for attachments including the possibility to integrate with advanced document management systems like Alfresco;
  • intuitive user interface customizable by end-users who can save their preferred configurations as views.

Mobile-enabled POS solution with training mode

Openbravo provides a modern web and mobile POS solution that facilitates greater focus on customer service throughout the store with a broad set of assisted sales capabilities, such as products or services recommendations, information about existing promotions or a powerful attribute-based product search.

Because of the high turnover rates and the frequent need to hire temporary employees, retailers want to be able to train new associates as fast as possible to  achieve consistent and sustainable customer service levels.

The Openbravo Commerce Suite includes a POS Training Mode that allows new associates to be trained in minutes, so helping to ensure the quality of service in front of any situation.

Accurate real-time inventory visibility and mobile inventory management

Good inventory visibility is essential in a world of omnichannnel retailing, both to support cross-channel shopping scenarios as well as enhance customer service in  the stores With Openbravo, retailers gain:

  • real-time inventory visibility across locations at POS;
  • mobile inventory functionality for greater in-store inventory accuracy and lower overall inventory management costs.

Coming Up Next…

Our next blogpost in this continuing series will look at the issues created by unreliable communications infrastructure in some emerging markets, and how Openbravo helps overcome them.

For an in-depth look at the challenges of emerging market retailing, replay our webinar How to Grow Successfully in Emerging Retail Markets with Openbravo, presented by Francesco Leto, Openbravo Business Development Director for New Markets, and Xavier Places, Openbravo Product Marketing Director.