Get Ready for the Omnichannel Challenge in Consumer Electronics Retailing

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Consumer electronics retailing has entered a new and more challenging era. Customers demand a different shopping experience, one that closely matches their digital lives and characterized by immediacy, personalization and efficiency.

So retailers in this highly competitive sector need to offer products and services that reflect the always-on, always-connected lifestyles of today’s tech-savvy consumers.

Physical retail – where retailers meet customers face to face – is still where over the great majority of transactions take place, even in consumer electronics. But showrooming is highly relevant and the pace of product innovation has led to a dramatic reduction in time-to-market for product releases, increasing the risk that retailers miss the window of opportunity or fail to accurately predict demand for new products.

The big challenge for all brick-and-mortar retailers and especially those in consumer electronics is to offer something that eCommerce cannot and so keep customers coming back to their stores.

Advantages of physical retail

Tech-savvy shoppers value frictionless self-service experiences. But when they need help, they expect personalized, expert advice and this, of course, is an area where brick-and-mortar retailers have a huge advantage over e-tailers.

So the new frontier in electronics retailing is about providing seamless physical and digital experiences so shoppers can find what they want, when and where they want it.

Omnichannel  technologies provides a way for consumer electronics retailers to do that and so counter the growing competition from brand-name manufacturers like Apple and from e-tailers like Amazon, for which consumer electronics was the biggest product category in 2017, with an estimated $8.5 billion in sales  — up 4% year-over-year.

Making omnichannel a reality

Openbravo makes omnichannel a reality by enabling an effective integration of the online and offline channels with centralized management of all customers, orders and inventory to deliver the promise of a seamless shopping experience.

In consumer electronics retailing, it essential for retailers to be able to accurately forecast demand for products.  Thanks to the connector with  Frepple, Openbravo helps retailers produce accurate sales forecasts and so reduce the chance of overstocks or being caught off guard by high demand for new products.

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