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Gain Greater Flexibility to Adapt to new Retail Emerging Markets

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This blogpost, the second in our series about retail expansion into emerging markets, looks at  flexibility and adaptability, key requirements for retailers working in emerging markets, and how Openbravo can help them achieve these goals.

Flexibility and adaptability

Emerging market retailers need to be flexible in executing strategy.  They need to expect the unexpected. Some disruptions, like a sudden loss of electricity, can be costly in time and money, but can be planned for.   Other types of disruption due to new legislation, supply chain disruption, labour disputes, may be more difficult to predict. Companies must be able to adapt to changing conditions.

How does Openbravo help retailers?

The Openbravo Commerce Suite enables retailers to gain greater flexibility to adapt more efficiently to varying business requirements typical of a highly dynamic market.

Modular Architecture lets you do More, Faster and with Lower Risks

Openbravo’s modularity enables retailers to become more agile while reducing risk, a key capacity in today’s fast-changing emerging retail markets.

Modularity gives retailers the ability to make changes faster and with greater granularity.  Changes can be deployed gradually to the production environment, which reduces  risks and speeds time-to-value.  Since it decouples core functionality from extensions, modularity also makes the upgrade processes smoother.

Integrate and Connect to Everything, Faster

Even leading retailers with a well-established brand need the support of local companies to take the leap together and leverage each other’s strengths when entering a foreign market.

This often requires retailers to integrate with local suppliers’ systems. Retailers also need to ensure they adopt a system that will allow them to integrate easily with existing or newly adopted systems or channels (local payment gateways, shipping companies…) as their business requirements evolve.

Openbravo provides a highly interoperable platform that makes it easier to integrate with all your channels, solutions and technologies. It allows you to:

  • Protect prior IT investments with a solution that is very easy to integrate with your legacy systems.
  • Leverage existing connectors (with Magento, Prestashop, SugarCRM and others) or build completely new modules for robust and secure integrations.
  • Lower time-to-market when integrating future new channels, solutions or technologies.

Scale securely and achieve higher business agility with Mobility and Cloud

Openbravo provides a highly scalable architecture that allows retailers to grow with confidence as their business requirements evolve while helping them gain all the benefits from mobile and cloud technologies.

  • Architecture designed for high performance in big load environments, with a distributed architecture for unlimited scaling.
  • Cloud deployment option for maximum flexibility.
  • Mobile-enabled architecture for building responsive web mobile applications that enable your mobile-first strategy.

Enable faster and more frequent introductions

Openbravo enables retailers to be more agile and adapt more efficiently to meet the heightened expectations of omnichannel shoppers’: 

  • Simplify setup of products as assortment expands across channels with greater variety of products defined with an unlimited number of characteristics.
  • Streamline promotions efficiently across channels with a long list of available discount types and sophisticated discount application rules.
  • Ensure changes in products, prices or promotions are made available to all your stores in minutes.

 And thanks to its built-in strong reporting capabilities, retailers will be able to gain control and react faster to customer behavior changes.

For those territories where a retailer wants to provide greater management control to its subsidiaries, the Openbravo Commerce Suite can be also adopted as an all-in-one Retail ERP. This allows the entire business to be managed from the front checkout counter to the central back office. All in a single product to provide greater value and adoption flexibility.

Coming Up Next…

Our next blogpost in this continuing series will look at how Openbravo Commerce Suite helps retailers increase adoption and ensure customer service levels even in case of a high employee turnover and seasonal situations.

For an in-depth look at the challenges of emerging market retailing, replay our webinar How to Grow Successfully in Emerging Retail Markets with Openbravo, presented by Francesco Leto, Openbravo Business Development Director for New Markets, and Xavier Places, Openbravo Product Marketing Director.