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Gain Greater Control and Efficiency of Warehouse Operations with Openbravo Unified Commerce Hub

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Today we continue with the fourth in our series of five blogposts explaining the main capabilities and benefits of the Openbravo Unified Commerce Hub solution. Today we will focus on the WMS Hub, a component included in the Growth Pack option of the solution.



Leveraging the capabilities of Openbravo WMS, the WMS Hub is a complete cloud-based solution for managing daily warehouse and inventory operations. It offers retailers:

  • The possibility for optimizing the use of physical space, human resources and inventory with the physical modeling of the warehouse and the application of different business rules
  • Increased employee productivity through the use of mobile devices for assigning and executing tasks
  • Centralized, real-time inventory visibility as the foundation for the success of the omnichannel strategy
  • Optimization of the reception and order preparation processes



Through different rules and configuration options, the solution allows retailers to control the execution mode of different activities and operations such as:

  • Physical modeling, with configuration of the different areas and zones of the warehouse
  • Rules for controlling tasks such as dynamic priorities, routes (internal and external) or popularity of locations (for the storage of products with greater or lesser turnover)
  • Possibility for loading through the warehouse configuration file



Taking advantage of Openbravo’s mobile technology, the WMS Hub allows for the use of mobile devices to receive and execute tasks, without the need for installing any type of application on the device, since it only requires the use of a browser. Functions include:

  • Configuration of different task types and authorizations to establish which users can start and/or complete them
  • Ordering of tasks according to priority
  • Definition of tolerances and management of differences between expected and confirmed quantities
  • Grouping of tasks and load balancing among employees




As warehouse tasks are processed, inventory information is automatically updated to provide retailers with a centralized, real-time view of their inventory levels, a prerequisite today for successful omnichannel execution. Functions include:

  • Complete traceability of products with attributes such as batch, serial number, and expiration date
  • Use of alternative units of measurement
  • Physical inventory management with inventory counting and counting activities that can be shared among different employees
  • Label printing




The solution makes the reception of inventory for warehouse storage easier by guiding employees through a faster and more efficient process, including:

  • Location recommendations based on parameters such as product popularity codes
  • Easy management of internal movements between different areas of the warehouse
  • Automatic diversion to a quality control area for products that require it



At a time when omnichannel retail is a strategic goal for retailers, it is now more necessary than ever to have the tools to facilitate much faster and more cost-effective order picking.

WMS Hub enables retailers to improve their preparation process through a variety of rules and functionalities that allow for the optimization of inventory movements, such as:

  • Simultaneous picking of different orders
  • Batched wave picking for bulk processing of multiple orders
  • Cross-docking for the direct shipment of received merchandise that has not yet been stored to the preparation area



Download your copy of the Openbravo WMS Datasheet, which offers a concise and thorough description of the WMS Hub component.

Stay tuned to learn more about the Openbravo Unified Commerce Hub in the fifth and final blogpost of this series, where we will introduce the Store Hub component, a modern and comprehensive solution designed to help transform your physical stores and deliver the kind of experiences that customers will value most from here on in.