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Mobile POS Lets Retailers Rise above the Competition with Faster Checkouts

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Whether you are making a purchase or returning one, no one likes waiting in line at the store.

That creates a great opportunity for retailers who want to differentiate themselves from the competition to leverage technology to better handle peak times and lower transaction times.

One recent  report cited three quarters of shoppers who abandon their purchases do so because of long queues. Another report quantified losses of up to £12bn over the past year due to long queues, whether customers ended up buying the items elsewhere, spent less, or abandoned the purchase altogether. Moreover, a third of shoppers reported that waiting in long queues as the top reason they don’t like shopping in store, while three quarters consider anything longer than five minutes too long to wait in a queue.

Retailers can reduce checkout queues significantly by using a POS solution which accommodates the latest payment options, omnichannel scenarios, and self-checkout terminals.

Three ways retailers can cut down on waiting times

An additional £422m has been lost in the last 12 months due to retailers not supporting a customer’s preferred payment method, while a fifth of shoppers refuse cash-only retailers. Retailers should embrace mobile payments because they modernize the in-store experience, open up their customer base, and, of course, speed up the checkout process.

So retailers need a POS solution  that can be easily configured to accept gift cards, store credits, and mobile payment methods, so reducing wait times due to long checkout queues and capturing sales that would have otherwise been lost.

Openbravo Commerce Cloud already accepts popular mobile payments and has the flexibility to adapt and accept other cashless payment options and technologies as they gain acceptance. Furthermore, configuring Mobile POS to process returns and other omnichannel scenarios like BOPIS on the spot provides yet another opportunity to reduce waiting times.

More retailers are also adopting self-checkout kiosks, where customers can scan their items and pay without the help of a store employee. This option has the added benefit of freeing up staff to handle customer needs in other ways, from helping them make a purchase decision to handling the returns process more efficiently.

Retailers who leverage a modern, cloud-based retail solution to cut down on their queues will be able to offer a faster checkout, reduce lost sales and provide the shopping experience customers want.

For more information on how Openbravo Commerce Cloud can help manage and speed up the checkout experience from anywhere in the store, take a Product tour!