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Expand fast in new retail markets without risk with Openbravo

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One of the keys to achieving success in emerging retail markets is to achieve a sustainable expansion strategy.

This blogpost, the first in a series looking at specific challenges facing retailers in emerging markets, looks specifically at this topic and shows how Openbravo can help retailers successfully implement even the most ambitious expansion plans.

Be fast and agile but stay in control

Retailers must adopt technology solutions that provide speed and agility if they are to open new stores rapidly – perhaps two or more each week.

In particular, they need to reduce the time needed to prepare new stores, both in terms of technology deployment and the initial retail setup activities for each new store.

But equally importantly, they must not lose control of what is happening on the ground  and ensure full  headquarters visibility of store operations from day one.

How does Openbravo help retailers?

The Openbravo Commerce Suite enables retailers to execute fast new stores roll-outs, thanks to a very light and flexible full web-based architecture and a comprehensive set of features that simplify all the initial preparation activities.

Full web architecture with strong offline support

Openbravo’s web architecture dramatically reduces the IT complexity and simplifies the technology-related activities for a new store. The solution can be deployed in a central server and accessed by a browser from each store terminal. Alternatively, retailers can opt for a cloud-based deployment.

Fully managed Cloud retail solution in Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Cloud has become today a clear game changer in the industry. The Openbravo Commerce Cloud combines the Openbravo Commerce Suite with Openbravo Cloud, an IaaS offering built on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

This powerful combination allows retailers to enjoy a fully managed retail solution in the Cloud, with exclusive capabilities that result in a very differentiated Cloud offering and further reduce the time required to bring a new store online.

Fast and flexible setup of new stores and terminals

Thanks to its centralized multi-store management, the Openbravo Commerce Suite allows retailers to simplify all the initial tasks required for a new store:

  • Simplify creation of new stores and terminals that can be easily copied from existing ones and organize them in hierarchies that reflect your retail organization.
  • Easily set store options such as currency, language, ticket format, document types, price list, assortment or assigned warehouses.
  • Support multiple POS configurations including options such as security settings, supported payment methods or cash management rules.
  • Simplify setup of complex assortments and products described by an unlimited number of characteristics.

Faster integration and visibility from headquarters

A time-consuming and often costly task when preparing a new territory for expansion is the integration with existing legacy and corporate systems. The Openbravo Technology Platform simplifies this task thanks to a highly interoperable platform.

You can leverage a web-services layer, which is generated automatically, or use a variety of connectors to integrate seamlessly with any corporate ERP, eCommerce platform or any other required system.

And thanks to its built-in strong reporting capabilities, retailers will be able to manage their retail stores with real-time visibility from a single point.

Scalable from a Store Solution to an all-in-one Retail ERP

There may be situations where in addition to a store solution, the  retailer wants to provide greater management control to its subsidiaries. In these cases, the Openbravo Commerce Suite can be also adopted as an all-in-one Retail ERP for managing the entire business.

The ability to achieve this flexibility with a single product can significantly reduce the time required to go live in a particular territory if the expansion strategy calls for both type of solution.

Openbravo & Decathlon Sports India 

French sports good retailer Decathlon is a good example of how Openbravo helped successfully implement its  expansion strategy in India.

You can read the complete customer story here and watch this interesting webinar with Marco de Vries, CEO at Openbravo, and Joy Deep Tiwary, Head of IT at Decathlon Sports India explaining the benefits of Openbravo, which has allowed Decathlon to prepare a new store in a few hours at the end of the day to have it fully operational at the next morning.

Coming Up Next…

Our next blogpost in this continuing series will look at how the the built-in flexibility of Openbravo´s Commerce Suite helps improve response times to fast changing market needs and conditions.

For an in-depth look at the challenges of emerging market retailing, replay our webinar How to Grow Successfully in Emerging Retail Markets with Openbravo, presented by Francesco Leto, Openbravo Business Development Director for New Markets, and Xavier Places, Openbravo Product Marketing Director.