ERP and Retail Trends Webinars Being Watched in our Subscriber Community of 1000+ Members

We did it. We are proud to say that more than 1000 people are already following our webinars and videos in BrightTalk!

For those who don’t know, BrightTalk is a platform where professionals can learn and share their knowledge with the world’s brightest experts through videos and webinars. In our case, in just a few months we have achieved a base of more than 1000 subscribers who follow our activity via this channel.

And what’s more, our channel has had a very positive impact since it was launched. It seems that, more and more, the subscribers value our insights, into both, the retail industry (watch “Retail POS Trends in Today’s Omnichannel Reality” as an example),  and the ERP enviroment (watch “The First ERP Adapting to Your Business Needs“, as an example).

Regarding the audience, we have confirmed that our community has a larger proportion of “followers” by referrals than its peer group. That means that, on average, a greater number of people, who follow similar channels, have found it interesting to stay tuned in to what we do in ours.

But, what is the location of these 1000 subscribers?In the above image, we can observe that, unlike other similar channels, the majority of the subscribers are located in India (rather than USA), followed by the USA (rather than UK) and Mexico and UK in a tie (rather than Italy), markets where Openbravo has shown its immersion with great case studies.

The list of our top 5 most watched videos and attended webinars is also remarkable, highlighting the interest in for POS systems, ERP trends and loyalty management:

  • Retail POS Trends in Today’s Omnichannel Reality (Watch it)
  • The First ERP Adapting to Your Business Needs (Watch it)
  • ERP and Commerce Platform: Keys to a Profitable Practice (Watch it)
  • Grow Your Business Around a Truly Modular ERP Platform (Watch it)
  • Loyalty Management: More than Earning and Spending (Watch it)

Finally, I’d like to highlight the good ratings obtained by our webinars, with an average rate of 4.5 out of a maximum of 5. No doubt about it, this is something to be proud of, but it also leaves us room for  improvement margin to keep working on the quality of our content 🙂

With that being said, I encourage you to join this increasingly big community in BrightTalk and of course, if you have any insights about our content, you can leave a comment with your feedback.

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