Celebrating 15 years of Innovation at Openbravo

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This year marks a new milestone in our trajectory as  Openbravo celebrates  its 15th birthday.. Although the exact month of the launch was April, the situation caused by the pandemic obliged us to postpone the celebrations until the end of the year. And therefore we are very happy that the time for celebration has finally arrived.

Although there are many moments and events that have marked this incredible path, I would like to dedicate this blogpost to highlight some of those that have most influenced who we are today.

2006: Birth and worldwide recognition

In April 2006, Openbravo was born from the vision of a group of entrepreneurs in Pamplona, ​​Spain. The project actually started 5 years earlier when our team of founders decided to stake a claim in the emerging global industry for open source business management solutions for small and medium-sized businesses. Thus, Openbravo ERP was born from a Spanish company but with an international vision from the beginning.

2006. Openbravo ERP 2.2x user interface.

A few months after launch, the brand became one of the best known in the open source ERP space, reaching number one in the Sourceforge repository on several occasions and receiving several international awards. Interest from the business world grew rapidly, including from several Fortune 500 companies. This was because Openbravo ERP was a native web solution, something very disruptive 15 years ago, offering companies a greater degree of flexibility than established solutions. This open source heritage is key to who we are today.

2008. Openbravo POS 2.30 (Java POS)

2008: Launch of our Global Partner Program

Our presence today in more than 50 countries would not have been possible without the work and collaboration of our partners and 2008 marked the beginning of our activity to build a network of channel partners.

2010: Entering the retail sector

In 2010, we began to gain ground with retailers and brands. Already at that time, the retail sector was marked by rapid changes and technological needs that fit perfectly with our value proposition, enabling us to begin to win customers with our first POS solution.

2012: Launch of Openbravo for Retail

Commercial traction with brands and retailers continued to grow and we truly consolidated a key milestone for our retail strategy in June 2012 with the announcement of Openbravo for Retail, with a new component that would be key to our success in the years to come and into the future: a new point of sale solution, totally web and mobile. In 2022 we will celebrate its 10th anniversary and it has evolved enormously since its launch.

2012. First version of our web POS solution.

2016: Launch of Openbravo Commerce Cloud

February 2016 marked another important milestone in our cloud strategy with the launch of Openbravo Cloud. It has allowed us to offer retailers a turnkey solution fully managed and operated by Openbravo, with 24×7 support, 365 days a year. With the advent of Openbravo Cloud, our retail solution was officially renamed Openbravo Commerce Cloud.

2018: Opening of an office in Lille and growth in France

The opening of the new office in Lille marked a new leap in our strategy and has allowed us to quickly become one of the main suppliers to the French market. This is thanks to the trust of renowned brands and retailers such as Caroll, Zôdio, La Belle Iloise, Weldom, Club Med, Norauto and others, who have joined with more established French clients such as Decathlon and Magasins BUT, with whom we have already been working for much longer, up to a decade in some cases.

2019-2020: Continuous innovation in POS, WMS, new OMS, connectors….

2019 and 2020 saw our commercial offering strongly enriched with a wide range of improvements in its different components: new omnichannel and point of sale capabilities, including a new user interface, warehouse and inventory management capabilities, the launch of a new reporting solution. based on TIBCO Jaspersoft, a new OMS system for order management, as well as connectors for third-party payment solutions and complementary systems.

2020. New POS user interface.
2020. New POS user interface with skinnability.


POS from mobile devices.

2020: COVID changes everything but….

2020 was a challenging year for everyone and we were no exception,  but we were able to continue our operations and meet our commitments without interruption, and we have seen pent-up demand coming from the market. This is due to the clear need for retailers right now to accelerate their digital transformation plans and embrace the omnichannel capabilities that are a prerequisite for delivering an engaging shopping experience to today’s customers.

2021: Present and future

2021 is our 15th anniversary. A moment that we celebrate with great optimism in a context in which retailers face new challenges and needs to which we can respond effectively and differently.

Openbravo is known today for its modern mobile omnichannel cloud platform, which leverages our strong open source heritage to provide retailers with the increased agility and flexibility that are key to their future success.

I would like to congratulate and thank everyone who has made these 15 years possible. We are very grateful to our customers for their trust in Openbravo to manage their retail operations, to our partners for working side by side with us to achieve our shared goals, to our shareholders for their tireless support and most of all to our fantastic team, whose enthusiasm, sacrifice and commitment have made it possible for us to successfully manage each and every one of the challenges and difficulties throughout these years, placing us today in a privileged position. Thanks to all of you, we can be very confident in our future today and we are ready to ensure our future successes.

Be Bravo! Be Openbravo.