Building Architecture to deliver Omnichannel services

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Omnichannel Services
Omnichannel Services

Two weeks ago, the Indian Retail Forum took place in Mumbai, where the topic for this year was around Omnichannel as the future mantra and how retailers can build businesses that will stand the test of time.

We believe this is a significant challenge, as many retailers are still struggling trying to move forward with the systems they have in place today, in an attempt to put the customer at the center of their efforts.

The platforms that are valid today may not be valid tomorrow under different game rules; we are seeing how fast industry and customer habits change from one day to another. And the reality is that many retailers still do not have a system that is valid today for an omnichannel environment, where business goals and the technology platform are closely interrelated. Therefore, the next technology investment needs to ensure that the platform will stand this test of time.According to a recent whitepaper,

“The pursuit of a true omnichannel strategy implies a dramatic challenge to CIOs and IT departments of retail organizations.”

Their companies need a profound transformation to meet the high expectations of omnichannel customers. Openbravo wants to help and that’s why we are launching a series of webinars to address this topic. The first one will be to establish the foundation: how to build architecture to support Omnichannel services, next week on the 8th of October at different times (see below).

We believe that the lack of a clear vision and company strategy has today led to the existence of non appropriate systems for a desired omnichannel state. As a consequence we often find organizational silos, a lack of integrated enterprise systems, inflexible technology, a lack of a consolidated 360 degree view of the customer across touchpoints, etc.

Operational Challenges

To deliver omnichannel services, seamless integration of the brand across all channels is mandatory. From a customer’s perspective, there is only a single, technology-enabled channel to bring together all touchpoints.

To that end, we need to sum up some operational challenges, like customer centricity, product and price consistency, unified commerce in terms of inventory visibility, distributed order management, store fulfillment, and organizational alignment. The physical space in which retailers meet their customers is only one piece of this whole puzzle.


“These business and operational challenges  may imply a deep system transformation, based on modern technology, cloud, modular and service-oriented”.

The architecture needs to be agile and scalable to “scale-as-you-grow” to support future growth, new business lines, markets or channels. All this based on a flexible architecture that will deliver business challenges with lower risks.

Don’t miss next week´s webinar, where our CTO Ismael Ciordia and Salil Godika, Chief-Marketing and Strategy Office of our partner Happiest Minds, will discuss how to build architecture to deliver omnichannel services. Here are the links with the different times depending on your time zone:


Thursday 8th of October at 11.30 CEST in EnglishCamaleon
Thursday 8th of October at 17:00 CEST  in Spanish
Thursday 8th of October at 18:30 CEST in English