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Breath of fresh air for Open Source in India?

India is going through a change. Well, I am not here to talk about the socio-political changes which are happening around the country but a change that  can directly impact us, the followers and fans of Open Source.

Mr. Narendra Modi is going to be sworn in as the next Prime Minister of the country in about a week from now. He has promised to bring positive changes in the way the government  functions in the country and one of the key areas is the use of technology to drive innovation and growth within the country.

BJP published a manifesto that came as a breath of fresh air to me, and I guess to all Open Source fans.  Here is an excerpt from the manifesto:

Deploy IT to protect India’s priceless cultural and artistic heritage, which includes digitization of all archives and museology.

– Promote ‘open source’ and ‘open standard’ software.

– Mandate digitization of all government work to reduce corruption and delays.

– Set up High-speed digital highways to unite the nation.

– Use technology to reduce Transmission and distribution losses.

– Use mobile and e-Banking to ensure financial inclusion.

BJP aims to make every household digitally literate with a goal to make India the Global Knowledge hub, with IT being a major driver and engine of growth.

Institutional Reform – Administrative, Judicial, Police and Electoral

If the government moves ahead with all these initiatives, we are confident that it would be  key for a growth in  Open Source adoption  by the government and also by businesses.

As Mr. Modi claimed “Acche din aa gaye” (The good days have arrived!), let me reciprocate the same sentiment with a deep sense of gratitude on behalf of all the fans and followers of Openbravo and the Open Source community. From Openbravo, we are completely aligned with this vision and we must reassure our community that we will do whatever it takes to take this initiative ahead.

India is emerging as a superpower in world economy. Companies need to improve their efficiency and productivity and leverage IT to drive better business results. IT platforms that are flexible to be adapted to any stage of growth as well as being affordable. The emerging market of organized Retailing deserves  special attention in India and here more than ever companies require modern Commerce Solutions ready to support their growth and the new industry challenges. Thus we feel Open Source, as an innovation driver, and Openbravo, as a  company committed to Open Source, are the right choice. Decided efforts from the Government and organizations like CII and FICCI are bound to  help  make these solutions more available to the Indian companies. We are hopeful this will help to make India the real superpower.


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