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BOPIS Gains Traction as Key Element for Omnichannel Success

Convenience, speed, cost-effectiveness and security are all factors in the increasing popularity of Buy Online, Pick-up in Store (BOPIS). With BOPIS, customers have the option to buy or reserve product online with the intent of picking it up or trying it on in-store.  Customers save on shipping costs, avoid package theft or damage upon deliver, and avoid waiting times.

Not only does BOPIS provide a great opportunity to improve customer satisfaction, but also gives the customer the possibility to make additional in-store purchases at the store upon pick-up.

A recent RIS study shows that one in five customers use BOPIS at least once a month, and nearly half of those make an additional purchase while in the store.

Why you should be implementing BOPIS today

While the impact of BOPIS is already evident, getting it right is not so easy. This recent study suggests that two thirds of shoppers think the BOPIS process still needs improvement. Another report points out the difficulty of ensuring items are ready for pickup when customers walk into the store.

Nevertheless, the competition is heating up, and according to Retail TouchPoints, 90% of retailers will have implemented BOPIS by 2021. Retailers will increasingly rely on omnichannel retail solutions like Openbravo Commerce Cloud to offer a one-stop shop to execute their BOPIS strategy successfully.

Why the POS is at the heart of your BOPIS operations

A retail POS solution offers built-in features that are crucial to BOPIS and which can be managed on mobile devices in the store as well as behind the scenes. In the store, the retail associate should be able to access customer data on the POS and scan customer receipts, locate and verify the order, and process payment quickly and efficiently.

From the back room, associates can also leverage warehouse and inventory management applications to manage order flow, transport, and storage until the customer comes to pick up his or her items. These applications include task prioritization, picking and packing, bin designation, and automated status updates on item movements.

The same omnichannel infrastructure required to execute BOPIS can also be used Buy Online, Return in Store (BORIS) scenarios and managing out-of-stock situations faster, whether the item is located and brought in from the closest location, reserved for pick-up at a different location, or ordered for home delivery.

To find out more about how Openbravo Commerce Cloud can make BOPIS a reality, please watch our webinar, Practical Demo: Change the Game in Omnichannel with Openbravo Commerce Cloud

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