Better together

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Last week I was invited to a company meeting in Pamplona, a city in the north of Spain, internationally known for its bull runs; probably the most famous example of running in front of ´toros bravos´ in the world.

Pamplona is also where Openbravo was born and is today’s headquarters. That’s why it was the selected place to gather all its worldwide employees in one place for three days. To mention some, maybe a bit too cold for our Mexican colleagues, who came from DF, Guadalajara or Querétaro. Or for sure exotic for our Indian colleagues who came from our office in Kolkata.


They were three days in our brand new shiny offices, full of fun activities, sessions and workshops. It also served to refresh the company vision and values, encourage collaboration among departments and meet everyone onboard.

Openbravo is a front-runner helping retailers transform their physical stores channel and succeed in their new role in omnichannel retail, addressing today’s and tomorrow’s challenges.

In this sense, our CTO Ismael Ciordia also reminded us of the key drivers in future retail that are shaping the product vision and strategy. Gartner named it as SMAC (Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud), or the Nexus of Forces, where each force is the result of a need in our society.

The company is focused on delivering solutions for future innovation based on 3 pillars: customer centricity, adaptable functionality and strategic technology. This is possible through a truly modular architecture that allows companies to innovate and adapt faster to industry needs and with lower risks.

If you want to learn more about us, I invite you to check our website and contact us for further info.

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