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Be the Future Store, now!

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Commerce_Be future StoreWithout doubt we can say we are in the consumer age. Empowered consumers armed with multiple devices visit stores much more informed than ever, expecting to receive a personalized service. This is clearly disrupting retail and controlling brands.

The role of physical stores in the cross-channel era has been widely discussed  by retail experts. Physical stores remain the center piece of the traditional retail business, still having about 80% of total revenues as several industry studies reveal (1). Although their contribution to total revenues is expected to decrease in the next 3 years and beyond, the stores will remain the main driver of revenue and may in fact be a strong differentiator versus pure online retailers. Moreover, stores will have an integral role in influencing sales in other channels. Customers still spend most of their time shopping in stores and spend more money in them.

However, their role has changed and to play it the stores must be equipped with adequate systems that deliver unique shopping experiences. As a result most retailers are now struggling to adapt to this new reality and are asking themselves: How to prepare the physical stores for the new role?

Openbravo for Commerce solution provides a state-of-the-art flexible web and mobile POS. It is the best solution for retailers that want to succeed in today’s consumer age enabling them to “Be the future store” by:

Adopting a flexible and mobile web point of sale platform

  • Open new stores much faster
  • Start processing sales on new terminals in a matter of minutes
  • Adapt and integrate your solution with other systems, easily
  • Lower your hardware costs by using mainstream devices

Providing an enjoyable customer service

  • Offer interactive customer assistance everywhere in the store
  • Search for products based on customer preferences faster
  • Increase cross-selling thanks to real-time information on promotions and products
  • Increase sales probability from real-time cross-store stock checks

Optimizing store operations

  • Secure effective operational control with manager approvals and user permissions
  • Be in control of goods at all times, movements with mobile warehouse solutions
  • Have real-time visibility of cash in each terminal, stock on-hand and pending receipt
  • Achieve higher performance control with a store profit and loss report

“Be the future store, now!” and provide an enjoyable customer experience in  physical stores. Learn how the Openbravo Commerce Platform can help your business.

(1) Source. AT Kearney. Future of stores study. 2013



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