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Back in April 2006

I think it is time to start my own blog and share with all of you the experiences, thoughts and ideas that I have as the CEO of Openbravo. It has been already more than a year since I joined this fantastic company and had the idea to start my own blog from that day onwards.

The idea was so strong that I was about to launch the blog the night we published our code in SourceForge. We had such a heavy workload that I judged at that time that the blog could wait. Today, almost 10 months after, we can not wait anymore and I would like to open this blog with the article I prepared at that time. The title of the post was obviously “Openbravo has gone live” and I continue to believe and feel strong on the reasons why Openbravo will make it happen!. The post prepared said the following:

Today is a great day for all of us, employees and community, since very early in the morning at 02:00 a.m. www.openbravo.com went live!. This website is the corporate website of a company that is committed to change the world of ERPs for small and medium enterprises (SMEs). But how come?. The answer is quite easy: combine a great product with open source and a great professional services company and you will get it … the future of open source ERPs opened!.

We know that this will not be as easy and simple as it is to say it but we know that 1) the arguments for change are too powerful to fail and 2) we are ready to make it happen!.

  1. Arguments in favour of a management system really adapted to the needs of SMEs, in favour of not charging for functionalities that aren’t really used, in favour of recognising the critical role of IT services companies (often named as distributors by proprietary software firms), …
  2. Our company background with more than five years of history, our vision and plans for the future and our people combining the right set of skills and excitement make us believe that we are ready!.

To finish this first article in our blog, I want to once again share our excitement with all of you; opening-up our ERP to the world; making it available to the community; building-up a professional services company; and directly delivering value to IT integrators and indirectly SMEs really thrills us up!. At this stage, we hope that you share our excitement and YOU JOIN OUR COMMUNITY!

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