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A Roadmap to Omnichannel Championship – Infographic

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If you ask consumers if they want retailers to be omnichannel ready, they will probably not recognize the word. But if you ask them how much pain they experience from a lack of omnichannel capabilites, every customer will recognize the value of a seamless channel integration. One of the most common ways retailers fail, is when a customer shows up at a store to return or exchange an online purchase. Refusing that transaction is way of saying you are not a customer.

It is clear then that retailers no longer need evidence that omnichannel capabilities are decisive factors for success in retailing today. Nor do they need to be convinced
that omnichannel functions will play an even larger role in the future. And this is why today’s leading retailers are putting the consumer at the center of how they Buy, Market, Sell, and Service. A commitment to customer centricity that is at the very heart of a seamless shopping experience.

Industry studies find that most, if not all retailers, have a long way to go to become true omnichannel champions. We have created an infographic to help you figure out how to succeed in Omnichannel, step by step.

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Roadmap to Omnichannel Championship