• White Papers

    Our white papers provide clear business & industry perspectives on improving business
    results with Openbravo. Download one for ideas on how Openbravo can help your organization.

  • Is Your ERP Creating a Legacy of Frustration? Take Control with Open Source!
    Mid-sized companies are increasingly recognizing that their legacy ERP systems impose an unacceptable burden in terms of cost, wasted time, and lost business opportunities. This white paper describes how modern commercial open source ERP alternatives can help companies end legacy ERP frustration, and regain control over IT costs and business results. Critical success factors for mid-sized company use of open source ERP are also presented.
  • Integrated Retail Solutions - Increasing Profit Margins thru Improved Operations
    Discusses how an integrated solution that merges conventional Point of Sale (POS) functionality with e-commerce capabilities and back office ERP-style features delivers a holistic view into retail businesses--enabling you to optimize retail operations and increase profit margins.
  • Increasing Business Performance with Agile ERP
    Learn how smart Small to Medium Enterprises are scaling their business to the next level with agile business process automation.
  • Electronic Invoicing - Streamlining the Back Office to Unlock Opportunity
    This paper explains why a growing majority of businesses and governments are now insisting on electronic invoicing, to reduce invoicing errors, improve profitability and achieve compliance with tax regulations. Electronic invoicing is no longer just for large companies!
  • Accelerating Wholesale Distribution Business Growth
    Strategies to automate complex sales processes to increase profit margins, improve customer loyalty, streamline new product introductions, and accelerate geographic expansion – both regionally and globally.
  • Accelerate International Expansion with ERP
    Learn about the common information management challenges of expanding your business cost-effectively, with a checklist of global-ready ERP requirements to enable geographic expansion.