• Videos are a fast and effective way to learn about general Openbravo capabilities, specific Openbravo and partner-authored modules, individual functionalities, product integration possibilities, and more.

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  • Customer Success ARR Corporativo (Spanish)

    Spocsys, Openbravo Gold Partner in México, shows the results obtained with the Openbravo implementation in ARR Corporativo, a services company.

  • Customer Success San Remo Latin (Spanish)

    Lajapyme, Openbravo Certified Partner in Mexico, shows the results obtained with the Openbravo implementation in San Remo Latin, a coffee machines distributor.

  • Openbravo Integrated Business Analytics

    Discover the power of Openbravo Analytics! Openbravo Analytics allows you to make the most of your data to obtain better visibility of your business performance. Allowing you to be more agile, react and adapt faster to business events.

  • Customer Success AMMISA (Spanish)

    Tegik, Openbravo Gold Partner in Mexico, shows the results obtained with the Openbravo implementation in AMMISA through an interview that was done to Carlos Garza, General Manager at AMMISA.

  • Customer Success Mármoles Arca (Spanish)

    Tegik, Openbravo Gold Partner in Mexico, shows the results obtained
    with the Openbravo implementation in Mármoles Arca through an interview that was done to Ernesto Terán, Operations Manager at Mármoles Arca.

  • Openbravo for Coworking

    This 2-minute video gives a brief overview of the Openbravo for Coworking offering, which is a comprehensive cloud-based solution for managing your entire coworking space operations, from member relationships and sales through to operations and finances.

  • Openbravo POS on Mobile Devices

    This video shows Openbravo POS in action on mobile devices by presenting its behaviour with a tablet and a smartphone, while executing same actions. It's not a detailed demo but a quick review of some of its most important features.

  • Openbravo for Retail presents "Golden Shoes"

    Openbravo’s multi-channel and web native retail management solution with integrated POS can now also be used on mobile devices like tablets and smartphones. This video shows how this technology is useful in day-to-day situations such as the story about Lucía and her "golden shoes".

  • Openbravo Mobile Point of Sale (POS) Preview

    Openbravo for Retail is gaining a ground breaking new POS option, with state-of-the-art web technology that delivers unmatched store productivity and customer service with the latest multi-touch mobile tablet devices including iOS and Android. Check out the preview video today for a glimpse of next generation retail from Openbravo.

  • Openbravo customer interview with John Coble, a CTO from SAIC

    Openbravo and TDS take you inside their latest large customer success, a $1.1 billion division of U.S. defense contractor SAIC that uses Openbravo to provide logistics management services to the U.S. military. This is a "must see" interview for mid to large company IT Executives assessing open source enterprise applications.

  • Openbravo Mobile: Agile Business at White Valley

    See firsthand how mobile access to Openbravo's central database lets your employees easily collaborate in real time to bettter serve customers and optimize your business.

  • CEO Paolo Juvara discusses Openbravo and open source in the enterprise

    FLOSS Weekly hosts Randal Schwartz and Aaron Newcomb interview Openbravo's CEO Paolo Juvara about open source in the enterprise, and all things Openbravo. Click here for a list of the interview questions with a direct link to the video from each question.

  • Openbravo for Retail Introduction

    The Openbravo for Retail solution is a 100% web-based, centralized multichannel retail management application for managing an entire Retail business. Featuring fully integrated tablet POS functionality, Openbravo for Retail is fully modular and can be easily adapted to meet the needs of retailers of all sizes and types.

  • Openbravo Agile ERP Introduction

    Learn why more than 6,000 organizations worldwide, large and small, use Openbravo's modular, 100% web-based open source business software to improve their operations--while minimizing their expenditure on information systems.

  • Openbravo 3, the agile ERP

    A 2 minute presentation that includes a brief product demo, and features a discussion of the Openbravo 3 design process by Rob Goris, Openbravo’s User Experience Architect.

  • 4 Benefits of Integrated ERP + CRM

    Learn how a fully integrated, best of breed approach to ERP and CRM helps you drive revenue and reduce costs.

  • Navigating Openbravo 3

    A comprehensive video tutorial of the generic user interface features of Openbravo 3. Great starting point for new users!

  • How to Use Openbravo 3 with Zoho Reports

    An Openbravo "How To", showing Openbravo 3 Professional Edition seamlessly integrated with Zoho Reports. Explains in step-by-step detail how to install and configure the integration, and ends with a brief discussion of how the integration module was created (in only 2 days!).

  • How to Personalize Openbravo 3 Windows

    A detailed How To guide that takes you through end user options, configuration options, implementation suggestions, and business benefits for Openbravo's "Window Personalization" feature.

  • How to use Openbravo Audit Trail

    A brief tutorial that teaches you about the Openbravo 3 Audit Trail feature, including a functional demonstration, a list of configuration steps, and a discussion of the business benefits.

  • What is a Future Proof ERP?

    Answers the question ¨What is a Future Proof ERP?¨, and includes 3 demonstrations of Openbravo 2.50 and Openbravo 3 to make this abstract concept tangible.

  • Openbravo 3 - Take a look around!

    A gentle and mildly humorous video introduction to Openbravo 3 from the perspective of a new user, with stopping points to experience the product yourself (via the self-serve online demo or your own down loaded instance).

  • Beyond automation with integrated financial and managerial accounting

    A brief demonstration of the benefits of an integrated financial and managerial accounting solution with Openbravo, featuring our multi-dimensional accounting datamart.