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Technical Training 2 (POS)

Date: On demand
Mode: Instructor lead
Duration: 30h / 3 weeks
Language: English
Course guide: Download
804 USD

The main objective of the course is to present and demonstrate the customization options of the Openbravo WebPOS and backoffice for Store Solution. The course also shows how these options can be applied in a modular way and how this functionality supports business scalability by reducing development efforts and protecting upgradability with Openbravo.

Note: This course is for students that have successfully completed the Technical Training 1 (Customization).



  • Session 1 - Development Environment Setup and debugging code
  • Session 2 - Adding Buttons and Dialogs
  • Session 3 - Loading and Displaying Additional Information
  • Session 4 - Adding Business Logic Through Hooks
  • Session 5 - Adding New Payment Types
  • Session 6 - Adding a New Type of Discount
  • Session 7 - How the Hardware Manager Works
  • Session 8 - Integrating with New Payment Gateways
  • Session 9 - Data Synchronization Proces