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Sivasdescalzo Openbravo Commerce Suite customer
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SMF Consulting

Sivasdescalzo increases its daily order management capacity and improves cost control thanks to Openbravo

Sivasdescalzo integrates its logistics processes to increase its capacity to manage a larger number of daily orders, allowing it to support the expected sales growth, and achieves better control of costs to increase margins thanks to the Openbravo Commerce Suite.

"The adoption of Openbravo has allowed us to improve the quality of our order management and reduce processing time, both critical aspects to successfully meet the expected sales growth, coupled with increased control of our logistics costs that allows us to improve our sales profitability. The mobile point of sale solution will also allow us in the future to offer an enhanced shopping experience, much aligned with our modern brand image."

Daniel Garcia

CTO and founder



  • Full automation in real time of the order to delivery process, making it possible to manage a larger volume of orders in a more efficient way.
  • Improved inventory control in each location.
  • Lower shipping costs by applying automatic business rules for the selection of the optimal logistics operator.
  • Time savings and error elimination during the upload of the suppliers' product catalog.
  • Higher flexibility in managing products, prices and promotions, including managing the size by brand and model for the US market, the UK, Europe and Japan.



  • Adopt a scalable solution that could grow to support the expected increase in sales.
  • Automation of operations with logistics operators for the reduction of shipping costs.



  • Sivasdescalzo chose the Openbravo Commerce Suite as a modern solution that is fully aligned with the company image and the flexibility to adapt in an easier and more affordable way to their specific requirements. Sivasdescalzo also values the availability of a web and mobile point of sale for future adoption in physical stores.
  • Full support of the company needs with the adoption of functionality in the areas of purchasing and warehouse management, multichannel sales and financials provided by the Openbravo Commerce Suite.
  • More agile product, pricing and promotions management.
  • Integration with Magento to manage online orders, including upload of the product catalog, download of customers and orders, and the upload of invoices and delivery status (tracking).
  • Custom development for the selection of the best logistics operator and integration via webservices with shipment status tracking facility.
  • Custom development for the management of sizes by brand and model, in the USA, Europe, the UK and Japan.
  • Integration with Sportmas, a specialized system for collaboration between retailers and manufacturers for the automatic upload of product catalogs.


Company Description

Buyer and seller of limited edition sneakers of the most recognized global brands. With online and physical stores and sales to the 5 continents.