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Pronokal integrates all administrative and medical management to improve operations and customer service with Openbravo

pronokal openbravo commerce suite customer
Nome da empresa Pronokal País Spain Indústria Saúde, Beleza e Cuidado Pessoal Solução Openbravo Commerce Suite
Parceiro implementador

With a continuous growth plan, Pronokal Group required an integrated information system that could be used from each office. Pronokal Group has integrated all of its administrative and medical management with Openbravo, thanks to its flexibility and user web interface.


  • Quality information improvement by eliminating duplicated information, thanks to single, integrated data across all company departments.
  • Registration of patients´ records and information on each of the treatments.
  • Follow-up calls to patients to assess the treatment.
  • Integration with existing CRM system to track potential patients.
  • Improved decision-making process thanks to real-time available information across all processes to support the growth plan.
  • Business dashboard with daily insights into the evolution of each country.



  • Select a flexible platform able to support all required business specific customizations.
  • Integration with external systems: CRM, electronic billing system, expenses, etc.
  • Scalability to deploy the solution in each of the countries where the group is present.



Pronokal Group selected Openbravo's solution for its flexibility that allows effective adaptation to all their specific business requirements, its web architecture and at a cost adapted to the company needs.


Company description

Pronokal Group is a multinational company specialized in medical weight loss treatments through a protein diet. PronoKal Group is present in different countries in Europe, America, Asia and Africa, and has already treated more than 300,000 patients. In addition, more than 3,000 prescription doctors have placed their confidence in the rigor of the program worldwide.

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