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Avenida Madrid 95, Ático 1ª
08028 Barcelona

Diseñamos, construimos y ponemos en marcha sistemas de información de alta y probada tecnología, creando un marco de complicidad y compromiso con el cliente para asegurar los objetivos su empresa.

Le acompañaremos en su proyecto y estaremos a su lado para cuando nos pueda necesitar. Queremos convertirnos en su Partner de negocio y no ser un mero proveedor. Le aportaremos: Metodología de trabajo para alcanzar los objetivos en plazo y calidad esperada. Soluciones de valor añadido. Experiencia en implantación de soluciones.


Clientes destacados do parceiro

Outlet PC
Outlet PC
lavinia openbravo commerce suite customer

Lavinia selected Openbravo to meet its need for a cost-effective and highly usable Point of Sale management system for its new restaurant in the CNIT shopping centre located in Paris and a tasting kiosk. iPad devices were given to the waiters, and back office integration with company's Axapta ERP was provided.

shine star openbravo commerce suite customer
Shine Star

Shine Star integrates all logistic and financial processes and improves its ability to service large customers thanks to the Openbravo Commerce Suite.

Marco Subirana Openbravo Commerce Suite
Marco Subirana
iebs openbravo customer

Innovation & Entrepreneurship Business School (IEBS) improves the efficiency of its business and financial processes and acquires greater visibility of business performance thanks to the Openbravo Business Suite.

Elogia Openbravo Business Suite
Social Car

"Selecting Openbravo was a critical element in managing our business and costs. The "pay-per-use" model prevents excess costs, discussions about prices and hidden extra costs." - Marina Caus, Operations and IT Manager, Social Car



Manufacturing and distribution textile materials firm with over 20 years experience, working for main Spanish fashion brands. Deniertex adopted the Openbravo ERP Platform (distribution functionality) for managing their national and international operations in the European, Russian, American and Australian markets.


Company with over 30 years experience specialized in the execution of major projects for government entities. Gaptek adopted the Openbravo ERP Platform for managing the execution of all projects and getting a detailed view of all their costs and possible deviations fully supported by the sales and financial modules.

PLB Distribucions

PLB Distribucions is a leading company in distribution of lightweight construction products: partition walls, ceilings, and thermal and acoustic insulation systems.

SYC Cylinders

SYC Cylinders is a company that manufactures and sells pressured gas systems. They needed to have greater control on the traceability of sold systems as their existing solution did not provided it.


Visatac is a company which is specialized in the manufacturing of laminated products such as stickers, paper, film and aluminum foil. Their fast growth and the fact that they did not have any management solution, brought them to decide implementing an ERP solution that could provide better control of their business.

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