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Agility ERP

Agility ERP
Westborough, MA

Agility ERP helps companies improve efficiency in business software deployment while remaining adaptive to future changes. We provide consulting and deployment services with primary focus on rapid delivery of enterprise-grade solutions which are affordable, sustainable and molded to specific business needs.

Our typical clients range from $50M to over $1B in annual revenues and cover a wide range of industries and markets. Agility leverages an agile, iterative approach to provide real business value fast. We favor flexible enterprise open source software including Openbravo ERP, Magento eCommerce and Frepple Production Planning. We also build and deploy custom mobile solutions and customer portals that are fully integrated in real time with the backend ERP system.

Agility ERP has been an Openbravo Gold partner since 2008, we have often been recognized as "Openbravo Partner of the Year" and we are the most experienced Openbravo partner in North America. Please download our white paper "5 Steps to Achieve Business Value from Your Next ERP Platform" to learn about our philosophy and approach.

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One of the business units of SAIC is the outsourcing of logistics for an important US Government Department. Contracts today are managed with Openbravo, thanks to the flexibility of the platform to achieve total fit of the specific business requirements.

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